Keep your Leolux furniture in top condition


Your valuable Leolux furniture will remain beautiful for longer when you take appropriate care of it. Want to know all about daily maintenance, spring cleaning and what you should do in the case of minor accidents?


How do you keep the leather of your Leolux furniture in top condition? You can find all the information you need below. It’s important that you know which type of leather was used to make your furniture. Especially the ‘rougher’ Danza leather needs a specific approach.


All Leolux fabrics are selected with care, and our exclusive guarantee applies to the entire collection. With the right care, your fabric will stay looking good for many years to come. If you have furniture in Fay or Maple fabric, scroll down further for special tips for this upholstery.


Wood and veneer are natural products. Wood is alive and really benefits from a good climate in the home and from being positioned correctly.


Marble is a natural material. The colour and structure differ for each product. Your own table top will then always have a slightly different colour and grain to a sample or a showroom model. To make it easier to maintain this natural stone, we impregnate every table top with a product that creates a protective layer on the open structure.


Our ceramic table tops are baked and compressed under high pressure. That makes them strong, scratch-proof and very user-friendly. To make sure they stay in good condition, we recommend that you clean them with a damp cloth, water and washing-up liquid. Caked dirt and grease can be cleaned with a diluted scouring agent. The high-sheen Ceramic Gloss version is just as strong, but slightly more sensitive to scratching. So do not use any scouring agents here, just water and washing-up liquid.


Natural raw materials are used to make glass. That’s why the colour of your glass table top differs from samples and showroom models. This is mainly visible when so-called ‘clear glass’ is used. Glass is a very hard material but is not completely scratch-proof. For daily maintenance of glass, use a glass cleaner, concentrated washing-up liquid, or water with a splash of methylated spirits.

Fenix NTM

This innovative material is maintenance-friendly and has a number of unique attributes. The surface of Fenix is strong, matt and silky and is easy to keep clean. Moreover, the nanotechnology ensures a strong self-repairing capacity. With a miracle sponge (made of melamine foam), you can rub superficial scratches from the table top. Deeper scratches can be removed thermally. Always consult a specialist for these types of problems. For normal cleaning, use water and concentrated washing-up liquid. Avoid aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents. For more information about Fenix NTM, see the supplier’s website.


Daily maintenance (not for woven rugs)
Vacuum your rug regularly (we recommend doing this twice a week) using the smooth vacuum cleaner attachment. This removes any dirt and also lifts any flattened pile. Alternate the vacuuming lengthwise and widthwise across the rug. It’s also a very good idea to use a vacuum cleaner with an extra air filter.

Daily maintenance for woven rugs
The maintenance advice for woven rugs is different. You should only vacuum these in the direction of the weave. This prevents loops from forming.

Monthly maintenance (applies particularly to high pile rugs)
Brush high pile rugs monthly to retain their structure and volume.

Thorough maintenance
For thorough maintenance, always contact a specialist company that is familiar with this type of rug. Do not do this yourself using powder or liquids containing solvents.