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Design furniture of Leolux

The world of Leolux is a world all of its own. With inspiring furniture created by international designers. Sometimes quirky, lavish or stylised, but always comfortable and of top quality. Made to order, by craftsmen in Venlo. Prefer the distinctive Arabella, the grand Paleta sofa or the classic Pallone? 

The Leolux collection is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who find characterless mass-produced furniture not an option. A Leolux sofa is also produced specifically for you with the loveliest materials, for years of enjoyment. That makes all Leolux furniture as unique as the people we make it for.

- Leolux is Member of the Association of German upholstery manufacturers -

20 years of Volare

Volare celebrates its 20th year in the Leolux collection! Discover the special promotion!

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Distinctive design, durable by nature and provided with superb comfort. The broad Leolux collection offers a wide choice of designer furniture. In every modern style, from familiar contemporary to avant-garde design.

All made to order, so your Leolux design furniture gets a very personal touch. You see it in the fine finishing, you feel it when you sit down. This is a genuine Leolux!

Bellice: perfect versatility

Introducing Bellice, Leolux’ most versatile sofa programme ever.

From a large corner sofa to a compact two-seater, you create exactly the sofa you want. No dream is too crazy, no interior goes too far. Bellice makes your interior dreams come true.

High-tech and craftsmanship

In balance at Leolux

The unique combination of experience, expertise and high-tech makes it possible to make hundreds of unique products every day. Over eighty years, Leolux has found the perfect balance here with its employees, the Leolux family in Venlo.