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Leather and fabric, as well as wood, lacquers and decorative rugs, are important ingredients in the Leolux collection. They determine the overall picture of your interior, the smell, the warmth and the colour. You will live and grow together for many years.

All materials

All materials
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Ceras is a soft, grained, brilliantly coloured leather, which even so is suitable for daily use. To achieve this result, during the finishing process, the hides undergo a special process that gives the leather a strong and somewhat matt top layer. The surface is lightly polished, so that the original structure of the hide remains, with recognisable natural characteristics. A perfect choice for lovers of a somewhat thicker leather that has the feel of a waxed leather.

1090 Flint

2210 Earth

3190 Dew

6600 Siam

1100 Peat

2510 Brandy

3900 Tourmaline

1130 Rock

2620 Auburn

4210 Leaf

9220 Shell

2110 Brindle

3100 Mazarine

6200 Maroon

9910 Pristine

9820 Marl

8290 Argile

3910 Steam


Most pure leather qualities become only lovelier in use. Take our Danza leather for example; a pure aniline that proudly boasts its natural authenticity marks and colour variations. The slightly roughened surface and the oil finishing make this leather, which is tanned chrome-free, utterly supple and comparison with the loveliest buckskin qualities is obvious. They too acquire a patina over the course of time; the leather lives with you, reflects what you experience. Leather with a personality, that is Danza from Leolux.

100 Phantom

268 Mocha

315 Mirage

209 Moreno

270 Bombay

410 Olive

210 Ranch

910 Slate


One glance at Negev leather and you can see that it’s pure and natural! That makes this robust aniline leather the perfect choice for the real enthusiast. It proudly displays its origin and exudes strength and authenticity. Visual imperfections in the skin, such as structural discrepancies and neck creases, are left intact by Leolux’s leather specialists and consciously processed. After all, that is what makes the skin interesting and distinctive. Together with the unique thickness of over 2 millimetres and the rich texture, these are the variations that make Negev leather an incomparable experience.

920 Seco

210 Nervio

100 Noche

226 Duna

269 Arena


The completely natural Noli leather is the purest choice in the Leolux collection. This exclusive full grain quality with an aniline finish has all the features of a truly natural product and a refinement which is beautifully reflected in the furniture. Using skins from bulls from southern Germany, Europe’s best tanners create a genuinely top product for you. They then give the leather a custom-made Leolux finish. Noli leather thus retains its silky soft grain feeling and the transparent depth which is so typical of the purest aniline qualities.

100 Carbone

210 Ramo

620 Moka

190 Argento

272 Oliva


A pure grained leather is an experience. Raffino has the soft grip that is such a characteristic of authentic natural leather. The dual colour effect creates intensive tints and a powerful appearance. This type of grained leather reveals the trials of nature. Minor structure differences for instance. They are the authentic marks of pure natural leather that are not concealed by the thin protective layer. It is true that this layer ensures that Raffino does not become dirty as easily, but in practice a degree of care is required.

550 Dove

290 Koala

200 Mink

600 Puma

266 Kodiak

720 Fox

760 Lion

130 Dragonfly

340 Whale

400 Turtle

100 Panther

918 Lynx

294 Fennic

109 Shark


This leather is suitable for intensive use. The high-quality finish ensures that it is additionally protected from external influences, including light, dirt and dust. Senso’s thickness and robust structure give a distinguishing mark to a piece of furniture, something that appeals to lovers of this type of leather.

8100 Amber

2210 Chocolat

2100 Walnut

4400 Off White

9080 Egret

7200 Sahel

2960 Camel

6000 Gold

7600 Apricot

6700 Cinnabar

2260 Terracotta

4100 Rust

6900 Blossom

1110 Rose

6870 Grenadine

1077 Ferrari

6620 Brick

7300 Granata

5000 Berry

1120 Castor

1290 Mist

8000 Polar

9100 Dawn

3906 Ombra

1000 Black

6110 Olivine

4980 Wasabi

6100 Petal

6200 Sprig

8700 Mimosa

4210 Avocado

3040 Teal

3110 Agate

2000 Cobalt

3100 Eclipse

3210 Tempest

3890 Heaven

9050 Pampas

4110 Forest


Wapiti leather is user friendly and attractively priced, so that the Leolux leather collection offers an accessible choice. Wapiti leather offers certainty when used intensively.

400 Toerako

1386 Hazy

910 Chuchubi

330 Goura

129 Triel

001 Black

607 Kardinaal

200 Kepanki

120 Alba

610 Carmina

267 Hawk

1107 Nomade

900 Sabaku


A responsible choice: this fabric is woven from yarns made from 'post consumer recycled polyester', more specifically from used PET bottles. The result is a very strong and surprisingly soft bouclé fabric in seven fashionable colours. In addition, Amelia can be recycled again, thus creating a closed cycle.

401 Bone

610 Hazelnut

602 Walnut

711 Jaidette

701 North Atlantic

706 Dark Blue


This multi-coloured fabric stands for elegance and southern atmospheres. The coarse structure gives Apollo a wonderful nonchalance. The multi-colour provides depth and a luxury appearance.

31 Star

32 Moon

12 Venus

57 Sun

56 Earth

66 Neptune

81 Mercury

86 Pluto

50 Jupiter


This Italian multicolour fabric is available in 10 contemporary colours. The combination of cotton and synthetic fibres makes Balance a perfect choice for anyone looking for a contemporary fabric with strong product features.

208 Ice Cube

226 Corn

205 Carrot

213 Wine

219 Kiwi

202 Rice

224 Cream

217 Bean

211 Blackberry


With its 12 colours, the Beams fabric offers a very contemporary pallet. A fabric with an Italian origin and matching elegance. The combination of cotton and synthetic fibres makes this multicolour a popular choice.

405 Tundra

278 Wave

240 Shore

408 Steppe

719 Pine

801 Meso

179 Canola

272 Arctic

702 Lunar

241 Graphic

174 Urban

171 Taiga


Essential comes from a high-quality Italian weaving mill, but the surface has a truly artisan feel. With its refined colour pallet and gorgeous natural touch. Essential is also composed of more than 80% cotton and viscose.

8 Nimbus

10 Paloma

11 Frost

12 Anthracite

26 Egret

2 Peyote

6 Sedona

9 Aragon

27 Allure

21 Saragosso


True opulence is not only something you see, you feel it too! The use of viscose fibres gives this elegant fabric a wonderfully soft surface and soft sheen. Fay has a subtle multi-colour effect that makes the soft sea colours even livelier. This results in a fabric of pure class that is ideal in the most beautiful interiors. For legal reasons certain fabrics aren’t available in all international markets. Please contact your local Leolux-reseller to check availability.

85 Surf

84 Sea

64 Ocean

81 Abyss

83 Oyster

32 Rock

80 Steel

50 Dune

Hallingdal 65

A sublime blend of style and strength; that is the best way of describing Hallingdal 65. The wool in the fabric ensures durability and flexibility, while the viscose provides shine and colour depth. The number 65 refers to the year in which the fabric was designed; a fabric with half a century of proven quality. And it is a quality that can come in a range of colours: up to twenty, in fact. Highly recommended. For legal reasons certain fabrics aren’t available in all international markets. Please contact your local Leolux-reseller to check availability.











Italian class! In spite of its loose appearance, this mixed material feels ultra soft. The Loft material has strikingly deep colours. The reason becomes clear when you look at the material from close up. It is because each individual thread is made up of a large number of colours. The compositions of the yarns makes Loft a strong and maintenance-friendly material, with which you look forward to many years of pleasure. For legal reasons certain fabrics aren’t available in all international markets. Please contact your local Leolux-reseller to check availability.

103 Mangistan

700 Longan

127 Pitaya

209 Nangka

304 Kaki

500 Salak

401 Malanga

200 Langsat

900 Doerian

880 Salvia

180 Fargesi


Velvet fabrics are back! Leolux has opted for the contemporary Lucir. This high-quality material combines cotton and soft but resilient Australian Merino wool. It creates a supple fabric with a very natural touch. The deep colour tones and luxurious gloss are down to Tencel cellulose fibres, which are the most durable fibres that can currently be used in upholstery materials. Which also make Lucir very environmentally-friendly. For legal reasons certain fabrics aren’t available in all international markets. Please contact your local Leolux-reseller to check availability.

600 Jasper

071 Ruby

190 Calcite

590 Amethyst

081 Zultanite

228 Agate

800 Topaz

005 Tourmaline

380 Jade

310 Lapis


Bouclé fabrics are very much the trend! This Mondo is woven from two contrasting colours, with the main shade more on the surface. That creates great depth, particularly on round designs. The combination of natural materials and synthetic fibres gives this fabric its softness as well as its strong product features.

013 Viola

063 Sienna

046 Oro

019 Verde

047 Acciaio