Leolux & green: manufacturing for a better planet

As a pioneering Dutch family business since 1934, Leolux considers sustainable production methods the only way to operate. That is important for our employees, the surroundings in which we operate and the natural environment around us. Future generations, your children and ours, all depend on it. We are contributing to a better planet with our high quality, long-lasting contemporary furniture, taking into account people and the planet.

What do we mean by sustainable?

Leolux has been developing cleaner production methods since the 1980s. By consistently reducing our carbon footprint and monitoring the production methods and materials we use, we are willing to claim that our designer furniture has a minimum impact on the environment. Furthermore, Leolux currently generates 67% of its own energy through solar panels and the use of geothermal energy.

Our aim is to achieve totally energy-neutral production in the foreseeable future. The “blue economy” is our dot on the horizon. And sustainability obviously also stands for the long lifespan of our products. Every piece of Leolux furniture is made to last a long time. And after years of enjoyment, this furniture can be given a second life with new upholstery.


Leolux chooses high quality, environmently friendly and safe materials. These form the basis for our sustainable products.


Clean and efficient production, recycling residual materials, reducing our carbon footprint: these are all pioneering choices for a better planet.


A family business exists for its people. Committed employees make better products. It’s that simple.

Customised production, in our own factories

Leolux is based in Venlo, in the south of the Netherlands. Here nearly all the furniture is made to order. In our smaller plant in Szolnok (HU), our Hungarian Leolux employees make the special stitching for your furniture.

Production in the heart of our most important market has many advantages for Leolux. The expertise and quality awareness of our own employees ensure real quality, flexibility and rapid delivery of high quality bespoke products. Our materials are produced in a controlled environment, transport is efficient and we have short communication lines with our suppliers and customers.

And let’s not forget the huge involvement of all those people who work in our wonderful family business. 
This all contributes to the fact that production in Europe is and remains important to us.

Sustainable suppliers

Because we want to be certain that we are working with sustainable materials, we work exclusively with high quality suppliers who are required to account for their production methods.

For wood, that means having 100% FSC/PEFC certification by mid 2018. The same applies to foam, fabric (certified according to the OEKOTEX standard) and leather.

80% of all the processed leather now has “Blaue Engel” certification.

Local materials

Wouldn’t it be nice if the leather on your sofa came from our own fields? Produced close to home and sustainable, according to the principles of the “Blue Economy”.

Leolux is currently working with livestock farmers, slaughterhouses and tanneries on the development of local leather, from Limousin cattle grazing in the fields of Limburg. For the slaughterhouse, the skins are a waste product. They keep them for us, so that we can send them to a tannery in the region to make amazing natural leather from Limburg. A pure aniline quality, sustainably produced, with biodegradable tanning agents and dyes.

Feel free to come and see how we work

We are also keen to actually show you what we do. Our factory in the Netherlands is therefore open to visitors and we give you as much information as possible.

Any questions? Contact us via info@leolux.com.

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