Since 1934

90 years of Leolux

Venlo, 1934. A stone's throw from the river Maas, the Zuid-Nederlandse Clubmeubelfabriek is officially established. A small-scale factory, making traditional club furniture with a compact team. 90 years later, an international design brand has emerged, which has grown through three generations of passionate entrepreneurs into a close-knit family business where craftsmanship flourishes. This is the story of Leolux.

Generation 1

Ton and Jan Sanders | 1934-1981

Together with his brother Jan, Ton Sanders takes over the South Netherlands Club Furniture Factory in Venlo in 1948. The compact club furniture made by the factory is exactly what the trend dictates.

After the war, following the ideals of the 1930s, the Sanders brothers set out to create a socially righteous working community and produce quality products. They turn their attention to modern design from Italy and Scandinavia and decide to develop a collection with models based on that style. They call that collection 'Leolux'.

Soon, the Leolux collection gains popularity. Traditional club furniture increasingly fades into the background. Together with in-house designer Harry de Groot, the Sanders brothers continue to build Leolux into a renowned brand and develop their own models that make the company bigger and bigger. In the 1970s, changing times call for new ideas. This is why the second generation takes on an increasingly important role.

Generation 2

Jeroen Sanders and Johan van Beek | 1981-2012

Jeroen Sanders, Ton's son, takes over the helm of Leolux in the early 1980s, together with Johan van Beek. With the audacity learned from their predecessors, they bring an innovative mix of compact, light-footed models (e.g. Bora Bora and Tango) and high-profile designs (Pallone, Papageno and Parabolica). In this way, Leolux throws high points in the markets of many countries and successfully endures the difficult crisis years.


Bora Bora

With great vision, Jeroen Sanders and Johan van Beek build Leolux into an internationally renowned brand. Product quality and presentation image go hand in hand in the company's philosophy. Advertisements, brochures, trade fairs; wherever people encounter the brand, Leolux presents an inspiring image. An important role in this is played by cooperation with artists, who give the Leolux brand image an identity.

Generation 3

Sebastiaan Sanders | 2012 - present

Since 2012, Sebastiaan Sanders has been the third-generation managing director of Leolux Furniture Group. The company continues to grow, but at the same time the relationship with the customer becomes increasingly personal. This is reflected in the endless options in the collection and the extensive possibilities for personalisation. Leolux's strength lies in the optimal cooperation of many different people. Its own professionals, advisors and technicians but also external art directors and designers who ensure that the brand retains its own identity.

Studio Truly Truly

Leolux builds on the values of previous generations. In doing so, responsibility for future generations plays a very important role. Investing in sustainable materials and production methods is therefore given top priority. At the same time, the possibilities of the present time are fully exploited in the form of contemporary communication and innovative models.

Here's to the next 90 years

Much has changed in the past 90 years. But a lot hasn't either. Even now that the third generation has taken over, the craftsmanship of our people is at the heart of every product. Technology and innovation opened up new possibilities, but at every step of the creation process the human factor is at the heart of it all. Because every Leolux is the product of everything that makes us human: intuition, inspiration, nature, creativity and feeling.