Viewpoint Collection

If you want to control the future, you must have the courage to look ahead. Take initiatives that explore new ground and observe the world from a different angle. Which is why Leolux is introducing the Viewpoint Collection. To put products, processes and ideas in a different light and discover new paths.

The Leolux Viewpoint Collection includes products with a story. Think of experiments, one-off art projects or material studies. Sometimes we look for a new interpretation of an existing model. We use alternative materials and look for shapes which give the design a new dimension. But we also develop pieces specially for this collection. They all have one element in common: they offer a new look at the world we live in.

For this collection, we look for new collaborations. For example the glassworks of the Netherlands Glass Museum. Or with Flock Techniek, a company that specialises in the coating technique 'flocking'. We also join up with artists to translate their vision on interior design and lifestyle into a unique product. In the coming years, we will continue to develop this collection, to discover and explore. And we invite everyone to join us on this journey.