Artist and designer Bram Vanderbeke lives and works in the Belgian city of Ghent. He creates architectural objects with a distinctive aesthetic and sense of materiality, self-contained works of art that are also functional. This balance is achieved by examining the ways in which the pieces interact with their users and environment.

Materials are particularly important in Vanderbeke’s work, and he has explored the properties and potential of recycled cast aluminium specifically for the Leolux Viewpoint Collection. The result is the BRAM Alu Stool, whose raw, unpolished metal finish deliberately draws attention to itself without being gimmicky.


Vanderbeke creates architectural objects with their own distinctive aesthetic and use of materials, which he describes as ‘intermediaries’: they have the ability to change depending on the environment in which they are used.

The stool can also be used as a small table. Its three sturdy legs connected in a triangle give it a slightly tapered form, so you can stack it in one of two ways: either piled vertically, or twisted slightly so that the legs fit together.

Vanderbeke says stacking is an essential aspect of his work’s architecture. Most buildings consist of elements placed atop one another, giving them a rhythm that repeatedly connects them with their surroundings.