Cream Velvet Touch

Every good design has a contrast, a contradiction that evokes tension. In the original design of Cream, that's the combination of the hard wooden shell and the soft upholstery.

Cream Velvet Touch is a discovery of the way in which familiar materials can evoke a new sensation. Because, by applying a special 'flock coating' to the wood, the shell gets a velvet touch. A completely different experience. And the contrast? That shifts to an intense colour pallet.

This exclusive edition combines a special design with a unique finishing technique. On the shell, leg and control lever, a flock coating is applied. A technique with numerous applications. From motor sport to the most exclusive yachts and from printer components to perfume bottles. Often a flock coating is applied for practical considerations. It reduces friction and thus noise and heat, but it also absorbs light, minimising reflections. But the unique feel and tactility formed the basis for this special version of Cream.

Flocking starts with applying an adhesive layer to the surface to be treated. An electrostatic field is then created within which tiny fibres shoot back and forth. These fibres attach to the surface, forming a high-quality velvety coating.

For this version, Studio Truly Truly selected two colour combinations. Cream Velvet Touch Red has a particularly rich robin red shell and sophisticated Raffino Whale upholstery. Cream Velvet Touch Blue exudes an ambience of absolute individuality. The strong blue colour is reminiscent of Yves Klein Blue and gives the shell a stunning contemporary look. The thick, rich Negev leather in Seco colour gives this version body and a tangible strength.