Studio Truly Truly, 2020

For the Leolux Cream swivel armchair, Studio Truly Truly has combined the loveliest natural materials to create an armchair with unprecedented comfort and elegance. The wooden shell in curved walnut or oak takes centre stage, covered with soft fabric or leather upholstery. The aluminium swivel base gives you even more options to personalise Cream, which can be finished in any colour for the ideal look.

The loveliest materials create a contrast between hard and soft.

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The look of luxury

Cream is one of a kind. The unique drape and flow of the seat in the shell creates a look of unsurpassed luxury.

Adjustable headrest

The Cream headrest has a clever zipper that allows you to move the cushion up or down, so it's in exactly the right place for ultimate comfort.

Stunning in wood

Cream's wooden shell is an absolute eye-catcher. It's made of walnut or oak, which you can have stained in one of the many colours in our collection.

Product overview

The fabric or leather you choose will give Cream its unique character. Are you looking for a strong contrast with a light upholstery and a darker seat, or the other way around? Or do you have your own creative combination in mind?