Solid and lacquered

Maintenance of wood

Wood and veneer are natural products. Wood is alive and really benefits from a good climate in the home and from being positioned correctly.


1) Make sure that the humidity in your home is between 50 and 60%. Cracks that appear when humidity is outside these margins are excluded from the guarantee.

2) Wood discolours when exposed to daylight.

3) Do not place any hot objects (pans) directly onto wood, as this will create rings that cannot be removed.

We recommend using coasters for all types of wood. Heat, cold and liquids can cause rings, and that would ruin your stunning Leolux table. The correct use and best maintenance depend on the finish: lacquer or oil. Maintenance tips per type of finish are detailed below.

Solid wood (oiled)

Temperature and humidity
Wood is a living material and can ‘warp’ when exposed to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Never place your solid wood table too close to a radiator or open fire. Also try to prevent large fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Make sure that the humidity in your home is between 50 and 60%. Cracks that appear when humidity is outside these margins are excluded from the guarantee.

Daily maintenance
A table with an oiled finish is suitable for everyday use, as it’s easy to remove any traces of use. For daily maintenance, simply wipe the table with a dry or damp cloth.

Thorough maintenance (twice a year)
Treat your table with the supplied oil every six months. You should apply this as follows. First, carefully remove minor scratches and stains using an abrasive sponge following the direction of the grain. Then use a cloth to apply the oil to the clean and dry table. Polish with a dry cloth. Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaners.

Ordering oil
You can order oil for your table really easily via our service shop, or call your Leolux dealer.

Solid wood (lacquered)

The first two months (hardening period)
Leolux lacquer reaches its maximum hardness after around two months. In that hardening period, we recommend that you treat your lacquered product with care. Avoid heavy use and only clean the table using a damp cloth and diluted washing-up liquid.

Daily maintenance
After the hardening period, you can clean the table as normal, using a wet cloth and degreasing agents. Concentrated washing liquid is highly recommended, but never use abrasive agents. Furniture polish that contains silicone is also problematic, as this produces stains that are difficult remove. Treat wine, coffee, alcohol, etc stains with concentrated washing liquid and water. Marks from felt tip pens should be removed very carefully with white spirits.

Veneer: finish and maintenance

The same as lacquered solid wood
Leolux veneers are supplied in various shades and can be finished in various wood stain colours. They are all lacquered with a clear, matt component varnish. The properties of that lacquer are identical to other Leolux lacquers, so you can follow the maintenance tips for solid lacquered wood. In other words, during the two-month hardening period, avoid heavy use and cleaning. After that period, you can switch to normal cleaning using a moist cloth, water and degreasing agent. Do not use any abrasive agents.