Maintenance of marble

Marble is a natural material. The colour and structure differ for each product. Your own table top will then always have a slightly different colour and grain to a sample or a showroom model. To make it easier to maintain this natural stone, we impregnate every table top with a product that creates a protective layer on the open structure.

Not acid resistant
But even with this impregnation layer, composite marble remains extremely vulnerable to staining. Marble is a limestone and cannot withstand acids, such as those in fruit juice, wine, cola and similar. The impregnation layer is unable to protect the marble from these liquids.

Wax regularly
You must wax a marble table top regularly. This introduces a thin layer of wax to the table, giving some extra protection to the top layer. Liquids then penetrate less quickly, giving you more time to remove them.

Spilled something?
Then do the following. Remove the liquid immediately with water. Be especially alert for acidic liquids, such as orange juice, wine or cola. Wet some kitchen paper (completely white!) with water, place it on top of the stain and allow this to dry. This will extract (some of) the staining from the soft stone. Do not touch the paper until it is completely dry.

Additional tips
If things have still gone wrong and you have stains or dull areas, we have various tips that could help. Before you get started, we recommend contacting our service department.

If you have a dull spot, you can briefly dab it with a little olive oil. Remove the oil carefully afterwards. The sheen will then return partially. If necessary, you can polish the stain beforehand with a dry piece of steel wool (as fine as possible, 0000).