Maintenance of leather

How do you keep the leather of your Leolux furniture in top condition? You can find all the information you need below. It’s important that you know which type of leather was used to make your furniture. Especially the ‘rougher’ Danza leather needs a specific approach.

General tips for use

For all types of leather

  • Any type of leather can discolour when exposed to light, which is why you should preferably never place your furniture in direct sunlight.

  • Pets can also damage your furniture with their claws. Even the most robust leather types cannot withstand a ‘treatment’ by our best friends.

  • Too much heat dries out the natural leather fibres and is harmful for many upholstery materials, so you should never place your Leolux furniture too close to heat sources. If you do have to place your sofa next to a radiator, make sure you leave enough space between the floor, radiator and furniture to allow good air circulation.

  • Ensure that humidity levels are right in your room. Humidity of 50 - 60 % is recommended for living rooms, and the ideal temperature is between 18 and 22°C. These conditions are optimal for a natural product like leather, as they are for people.

Weekly maintenance

Leather (apart from Danza leather)
Maintain leather upholstered furniture (apart from Danza leather) by removing dust every week with a moist cotton cloth. This ensures that you also remove any body oils that could damage the leather in the long term. We recommend using the safe Leolux maintenance liquid, as tap water can damage the furniture.

Danza leather
We also recommend weekly dusting of Danza leather. But use a dry cloth for this and never use water, as this can cause irreversible staining. We recommend using the special Leolux maintenance set for vintage leather for more intensive care.

Thorough maintenance (twice a year)

Leather (apart from Danza leather)
Use the Leolux leather care set twice a year. The mild cleaner cleans the leather, deep into the grain. The lotion applies essential nutrients deep into the leather and ensures a better moisture balance. The treatment is easy to carry out, and you can use your furniture again after a just brief drying period.

In the case of discolouration and/or damage to the leather, due to excessive sunlight for example, it is best to treat the leather with a colour recovery set. You can ask the LCK specialists to produce this LCK product to order, adapted to the type of leather and the exact original colour of your item of furniture.

Danza leather
Danza is a pure aniline leather that proudly displays the marks of authenticity and colour variations found in the natural world. The lightly roughened surface and the oiled finish make this leather supremely supple and soft. The natural characteristics of the leather remain visible and over the years, the traces of use make this ‘vintage’ leather even more homely and beautiful.

A special maintenance set is available for thorough maintenance of this so-called ‘vintage’ leather. It comprises a cleaner and a nourishing lotion and can be ordered from the Leolux online store.