Maintenance of fabric

All Leolux fabrics are selected with care, and our exclusive guarantee applies to the entire collection. With the right care, your fabric will stay looking good for many years to come. If you have furniture in Fay or Maple fabric, scroll down further for special tips for this upholstery.


To clean fabric upholstery, you should use a vacuum cleaner on a weekly basis. Use the special furniture attachment and vacuum in the direction of the warp of the fabric. This will prevent you from damaging the fabric. You should also regularly use Leolux Premium Cleaning Liquid, which you apply using a clean cotton cloth. You can use this to remove body oils that adhere to headrests and armrests and damage the fabric.

Thorough maintenance (no more than twice a year)

The Leolux Fabric Care set can be used for thorough maintenance and to give your furniture a deeper clean.

General tips for use

  • Any fabric can discolour when exposed to sunlight. Brightly coloured and darker fabrics suffer most from this, which is why you should preferably never place your furniture in direct sunlight.

  • Furniture with natural fibres, particularly wool fabrics, do much better under the correct humidity levels (50 - 60%).

  • Do not allow children to play on the furniture when wearing shoes, as buckles and heels can damage the fabric.

  • And don’t let your pets lie on the furniture or scratch the upholstery.

  • Please note: the guarantee on fabrics becomes null and void after treatment with a dirt-repellent coating.

Stain removal

  • Follow the tips on the website of our maintenance partner LCK Nederland.

  • Use a spoon to remove any solids as far as possible.

  • Then dampen a tea towel with cold water, wring it out, place it over the stain and leave it to dry. Don’t check whether it’s working, as this will interrupt the absorption of the liquid into the tea towel. Do not dab, rub or scrub, and only remove the tea towel when it’s completely dry.

  • Allow stubborn stains to dry completely. For the best advice, we recommend contacting our maintenance partner LCK Nederland.


Fay is a fabric that incorporates linen. Linen is comprised of natural fibres and therefore needs special care.

We advise vacuuming the fabric regularly using the special textile attachment, or brushing the fabric with a soft brush.

Every 4-5 weeks
If a fabric like Fay dries out, it can result in premature wearing. To prevent linen fibres from drying out, wipe the fabric regularly (every 4-5 weeks) with a moist towel, following the direction of the warp. Always use clean water and a clean cotton towel.

Thorough maintenance
As a large proportion of the fabric is made from natural materials (linen), Fay fabric cannot be washed. The fabric is dry-clean only. Removing stains is difficult. Do not use any liquids for this. Only use the special pH-neutral dry foam. Acidic and liquid cleaning agents can damage the fibres of the fabric. Once the area is completely dry, wipe the entire upholstery with a moist cloth in the direction of the warp to restore the ‘ironed’ character of the surface.


Maple is made from Chenille threads that give the surface of the fabric a subtle three-dimensional effect. This can result in shading and seat marks during use and when cleaning. These are characteristics of chenille fabrics.

We advise vacuuming the fabric regularly using the special textile attachment, or brushing the fabric with a soft brush.

Water droplets or stain cleaning can result in darker areas. Like the above-mentioned seat marks, these areas can be removed by brushing the fabric with a soft brush. First moisten the fabric evenly (across the entire surface) with a soft cloth or spray the fabric evenly with distilled water. Allow the fabric to dry completely before use.