Anton, a tribute to entrepreneurship

The Leolux family business has a rich history. Three generations of the Sanders family brought the company to where it is today. Ton and Jan Sanders laid the real foundation in the 1950s and 1960s. Their vision and decisiveness at the time put Leolux forefront.

Model 602

The most important development was the transition from club furniture manufacturer to designer furniture brand. A fine example of that new direction is Model 602 from 1960. A compact but characterful armchair on a refined chromed base.

Ton Sanders in the 1950s.


Even in 2021, Ton and Jan Sanders' part in Leolux's success has not been forgotten. As a tribute to their entrepreneurship, Studio Truly Truly developed a new armchair based on the shapes of model 602. It is more than just a remake. Anton is "an interpretation of the shapes of the past, in today's zeitgeist", as Kate and Joel Booy themselves describe it.


The result is Anton, which naturally bears the name of Ton Sanders. The armchair is a tribute to entrepreneurship, but certainly also to the design language of the time. This can be seen, for instance, in the tessellation on the arms and back. And at the same time, Anton is totally contemporary. In comfort, quality and design.