Studio Truly Truly, 2021

Throughout its long design history, Leolux built unique collections, year after year. The Anton armchair, named after one of the founders of Leolux, is loosely based on that storied legacy. The design is a reference to the past, to the artisanally crafted, top-quality products that earned Leolux its reputation.

Classic shapes reinvented.

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Luxury reading chair

The chrome-plated frame is supported by a seat that combines rounded and straight shapes. The result is a luxurious reading chair with a sturdy arm. The way the surfaces are spaced is a contemporary interpretation by the designers and allows for playful colour and material combinations.

Ode to entrepreneurship

Anton is a 'new old' piece, as designers Kate and Joel Booy of Studio Truly Truly put it. The classic shapes of the 1960 602 model have been reinvented to reflect the times. Anton is named after Ton Sanders, one of the company's founders, a tribute to Leolux's entrepreneurship and innovative design in the 50s and 60s.

Anton is based on the 1960 602 model. It's not a remake, it's an interpretation of the design style of the time.

Product overview

Discover the possibilities of the Anton and create the perfect version for your interior.