Your trusted Leolux furniture as good as new


If you’ve had your Leolux furniture for some time and you think it’s time for a new look, then re-upholstering is certainly worth considering. Then you don’t need to say goodbye to your ‘old’ Leolux furniture, but still get an as-new sofa or armchair with fresh new upholstery. And it’s also much more sustainable than purchasing a completely new sofa. For that reason alone, we’re great fans.

How does re-upholstering work?
Of course, re-upholstering starts with selecting new upholstery. You can contact our dealers for that. Search for the perfect fabric or leather together with your advisor, and the dealer will request an obligation-free quotation for you. We itemise all the costs for you and following your approval, we get to work.

Once your furniture is back in the factory, we start with a thorough inspection, in which we check all the components. We then replace any components that are subject to wear and tear – so not just the upholstery but also the foam, for example. Then your own sofa is as good as new again.

What costs can I expect?
The costs are calculated individually for each re-upholstering, as this of course depends on the upholstery you select. But we can give you a good indication. A good rule of thumb is that the costs of re-upholstering will amount to around 85% of the new value of an item of furniture. That sounds like a lot, but we do go much further than just new upholstery. Your furniture is subject to a complete inspection, and all components that show any signs at all of use or wear and tear are replaced. Your furniture will look like new again. And it’s also good to know that after re-upholstering, your guarantee re-starts.

Find your Leolux dealer
Would you like to give your Leolux furniture a makeover? You can find your closest Leolux dealer here and get all the information you need about the options.