Designing Pulla

Pulla is a pioneering sofa programme. Not only within the Leolux collection, but also beyond it. Its expressive round shapes speak a design language that opens new perspectives.

Studio Truly Truly

Extensive research preceded the design of Pulla. Kate and Joel Booy from Studio Truly Truly studied shapes and materials and specifically how they relate to the space in which they fulfil their function. The outcome was a design that aims to present materials at their most comfortable. In this way, Pulla inspires you to actually use the sofa the way you want to. Because that is the function a sofa has in a space.

Yet Pulla's design also has a very different side. A culinary one even. Because the characteristic shape of the corner cushion and armrest is inspired by a Pulla, a Finnish delicacy. The characteristic shape of the braided dough was partly behind the shape of the sofa.

As happens with every new Leolux product, the design was fine-tuned in the Product Development department at Leolux. Shape, construction and comfort are fleshed out at that stage. Naturally, designers are always particularly closely involved in this, and Pulla was no exception.

The combined expertise of Leolux and Studio Truly Truly made Pulla into a distinctive, appealing and comfortable seating programme. A sofa that looks soft and low, with a slightly greater seat depth. Usable in spacious rooms, but equally suitable for intimate interiors with more compact dimensions.