Christian Werner, 2012

Refined lines that shape a sublime experience - that's the idea behind the Mayon design. Ever since its introduction in 2013, this model has proven wildly popular for its understated design and surprisingly active comfort. Mayon is certainly worth discovering.

Undulating lines

Mayon features a sophisticated design. Feast your eyes on the undulating lines from the back to the arms to the sophisticated feet. It's subtle to the last detail.

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Moving with you

Mayon's arms feature a more refined design. Not only do they sport an eye-catching curve and friendly ‘dimple’ upholstery details, they also spring slightly with your arm – the ultimate in comfort.

Product overview

Mayon is available in different sizes, ranging from a 2-seater to a spacious 3.5-seater sofa. The Mayon is also available as an armchair, and the Mayuro armchair is also a great fit for this design.