Christian Werner, 2020

You don't always need a big sofa for a great experience, and Lindo is the proof. This Christian Werner design combines compact outer shapes with outstanding comfort. And because it's a genuine Leolux, you can adjust the look of it to fit your personal taste.

You don't always need a big sofa for a great experience.

All the support you need

Lindo's back is nice and high, which immediately puts you a comfortable sitting position. The integrated lumbar cushion, accentuated by a deep seam, only enhances the experience.

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Match with Lanah

Lindo's design is a close cousin of the Lanah armchair. So are you looking for an armchair with the same look and feel? Then take a look at Lanah.

Product overview

Lindo comes in three different sizes. You can choose between a 2, 2.5 and 3-seater sofa. And of course there's also a lovely matching footstool.