Kaschkasch, 2022

It all started with a single detail: the way in which the generously proportioned seat cushion contrasts against the frame. Designers Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, of Studio KaschKasch, decided that this should be the basis of their first lounge chair for Leolux. The result combines simplicity with versatility and relaxed comfort. Welcome to Kudo!

Simplicity with versatility and relaxed comfort.

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Intuitive and attractive

There’s a definite thread running through KaschKasch’s designs. The Cologne duo seek to reduce forms to their purest essence, but not at the expense of intuitive usability and attractiveness. This is very apparent in Kudo’s shell, where each line has its own tension, and is not as straight as it seems. This adds depth to the design, and creates space for exceptional comfort.

Product overview

Kudo is available in two versions: One and Two. One has a low back, and Two has a slightly higher shell and cushion for even more back support.