Gino Carollo, 2020

Gino Carollo designed the Rego sofa at the invitation of Leolux. He threw himself into crafting a design with pure Italian elegance. Each sofa and element is a sculpture in and of itself, with stunning flowing lines. The Leolux experts then worked to create unparalleled comfort that will make you feel like royalty.

Each sofa and each element is a sculpture in and of itself, unmistakably Italian.

Allure and charisma

Rego has the allure and charisma that come with Italian design. It's in the refined curve of the armrests, or the stylish legs, sprouting from the sides of the sofa.

01 - 06

Ravishingly round

If you're going with the curved elements from the programme, the round chaise longue is an excellent choice – a surprising shape with plenty of comfort.

Product overview

Discover the possibilities of the Rego programme and create the perfect version for your interior.