Edward van Vliet, 2017

Combining right angles and circles can create optical illusions, which is exactly what makes Prismo tables so visually arresting. Then there's the balance, the sophisticated fusion of slender frame and ceramic or glass top. It's timeless design for interiors crafted with love and care.


You have a choice of three materials for the table top: glass, ceramic, or oak. There are also multiple colours available for each material.

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Useful addition

An especially convenient option is the Prismo 48x28 cm with a height of 54 cm. It's designed to easily slide over the seat of the sofa.

Product overview

Prismo tables are available as a coffee table with a square top (on a round frame) or with a round top (on a square frame). Dimensions: 100x100, 80x80 or 60x60 cm. The higher side table has a 40x40 cm top and the round tops are available in 100, 80, 60 and 40 cm diameters.

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