Stefan Heiliger, 2008

Versatility is inherent to humans. That was the inspiration behind Parabolica, a design from Stefan Heiliger. The idea came to life with a single curl on a sheet of paper. The graceful, versatile result is universally beloved. Parabolica will prove its worth at any moment in your day.

Three moments

The powerful design makes Parabolica a fantastic piece in your living room. The asymmetrical shape allows for at least three different use styles: 'normal' sitting, relaxed reclining or active sitting, using the armrest as a small desk.

Product overview

If you like to play with colours and materials, Parabolica has plenty of options on offer. You can have the interior, the exterior and the 'band' done in separate materials. Parabolica stands on a beautiful swivel base. You can choose between two different designs. The 'Classic' base has a slightly spherical shape, while the 'Disc' base is actually a sleek, flat disc. Parabolica's swivel base truly shines in brushed aluminium or stainless steel. Rather have a colour? You can choose between lacquer and epoxy.