De Scheemaker, 1989

A Leolux icon. The ball chair that specially designed in 1989 for the house of the future is still as futuristic as it was back in the days of its introduction. And perhaps that's why it's so successful. Pallone is a personality, the perfect centrepiece for eccentric interiors.

Playing with upholstery

The two seat 'zones' (middle and outside) are only available in leather. For the back, you can also choose a fabric covering. There is one exception: you can also have Pallone completely covered in stretch fabric.

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House of the Future

On 20 June 1989, the House of the Future opened in Rosmalen, the brainchild astronomer and television presenter Chriet Titulaer, that brought together the most progressive home concepts of the day. Leolux was challenged to develop seating options for the house. The beautiful Amata butterfly folding screen and the futuristic Pallone seating concept were the results, designed by Roy de Scheemaker.

A personality, the perfect centrepiece for eccentric interiors.

Product overview

Pallone's legs and frame come standard with a chrome finish. But if you prefer one of our beautiful epoxy colours, that's an available option.