Get a footstool free of charge with Caruzzo

A comfortable gift!

As if Caruzzo's style and options aren't appealing enough, Leolux is now making a spectacular offer. Anyone who orders a Caruzzo armchair from one of the Leolux dealers will receive a matching footstool completely free of charge!

The footstool is executed in the same upholstery as the armchair.

Caruzzo stands for versatile luxury

This slim and stylish swivel chair by Frans Schrofer proves that comfort and elegance can go wonderfully well together. You can have the interior and exterior upholstered independently of each other with any type of upholstery from the Leolux collection. Will you opt for fabric or leather? For the well-known "Original" base or the new four-star "Pure" base? For uniformity or contrast? In this way, you can adapt Caruzzo according to your wishes.

Choice of two different bases and footstool

Leolux wouldn't be Leolux if we didn't try to further refine a model such as the Caruzzo. This is why the armchair – and the matching footstool – now also come with a four-star base "Pure". The design is a little sleeker than that of the "Original" version, which is of course still as stylish as ever. It is therefore up to you: "Original" or "Pure"? Simultaneously with this promotion, we introduce a new model footstool. From now on you can choose between the model Forte (with the legs 'Original' and 'Pure') and the new footstool Fine!