Solid wood

A solid wood table is a natural product. It differs from a veneered table, which has only a thin layer of wood bonded to the top of an MDF panel. A "solid" tabletop or its legs are not necessarily made from one piece of wood, as wood "works". Humidity causes the wood to shrink or expand. A table made from one piece of wood would warp.

To avoid warping, the tabletop is constructed from slats of wood that are glued on all sides. This limits the shrinkage and expansion of the wood. The table legs are also constructed from more than one piece of wood for the same reason. With use you must be aware that solid wood "works". Never place your solid wood table too close to a fire or radiator to avoid changes in temperature and humidity (approx. 60% is ideal). 

Wood veneer

A wood veneer is a product with all the known characteristics of a natural product. No veneer table leaf, no matter how expertly cut or treated, is identical to another.

When selecting separate veneer leaves for tables, Leolux endeavours to make the best selection out of the available raw materials. Slight deviations are unavoidable, but that is the charm of a natural wood product.

Oak stained
M2100 Naturel Matt
M4000 White Matt
M4400 Pistache Matt
M4100 Nut Matt
M4500 Pinegrey Matt
M4200 Coffee Matt
M3700 Macademia Matt
M4300 Night Matt
M2900 Santos Matt
M5000 Hazel Matt
M5100 Bright White

Oak oiled
Pale White

Walnut stained
M2100 Naturel Matt

Walnut oiled