Fabric collection of Leolux

Types of fabric

Leolux is well-known for its furniture in leather, but Leolux can also offer plenty of choice if you prefer fabric. There are of course the fabrics from renowned producers, such as De Ploeg, Kvadrat and Alcantara.

The exclusive top-quality Leolux fabrics are are specially geared to the lacquer and leather colours from Leolux, which means they offer fantastic combination options.

Folding formation with fabric

Due to the design and the chosen comfort, formation of folds cannot be avoided. The degree of folding can vary depending on the properties of the selected fabric. A fabric with more stretch will recover more easily, certainly in the first months. However in the course of due time every piece of furniture, even a tightly upholstered model, will inevitably show folds.

Fabric: Fay

True opulence is not only something you see, you feel it too! The use of viscose fibres gives this elegant fabric a wonderfully soft surface and soft sheen. Fay has a subtle multi-colour effect that makes the soft sea colours even livelier. This results in a fabric of pure class that is ideal in the most beautiful interiors.

65 Sterling
85 Surf
84 Sea
64 Ocean
81 Abyss
83 Oyster
32 Rock
80 Steel
52 Iron
50 Dune

Fabric: Varese

Varese is a beautiful Italian multi coloured fabric in a wide range of colours. The combination of synthetic fibres and natural materials creates a strong fabric with deep colours, that nevertheless feels soft and warm. Italian quality that really deserves its place on Leolux furniture!

5 Blanc
10 Gris
22 Angora
14 Inox
13 Bleu
2 Fer
15 Poivre
19 Taupe
8 Raisin

Fabric: Loft

Italian class! In spite of its loose appearance, this mixed material feels ultra soft. The Loft material has strikingly deep colours. The reason becomes clear when you look at the material from close up. It is because each individual thread is made up of a large number of colours. The compositions of the yarns makes Loft a strong and maintenance-friendly material, with which you look forward to many years of pleasure.

127 Pitaya
304 Kaki
500 Salak
401 Malanga
200 Langsat
900 Doerian
180 Fargesi

Fabric: Tiempo

A fresh, blended material with a natural feel. Tiempo is playfully and irregularly speckled and offers colourful possibilities, in pleasantly warm colours such as warm red, ochre, blue and friendly grey. Made up of 95% new wool, the composition of this Leolux material ensures softness and great wear resistance, qualities that you will enjoy for many years to come.

8870 Sole
2260 Autunno
1884 Rugiada
1340 Tempesta
1100 Notte
1990 Gelo
9290 Secco

Fabric: Savona

To create a refined appearance in fabrics, our colour experts chose Savona; a user-friendly covering material in eight soft natural tones, with a hint of pastel and a gleaming thread for an extra brilliant look. This soft material (with 76% cotton) is produced by a famous textile mill in Italy and is extremely colour-fast. Savona is ideal for daily use and permits fantastic combinations with the Leolux leather collection.


Fabric: Bolster

Anyone in search of a tough, natural-looking upholstery fabric will not go wrong with Bolster. The coarsely-woven dobby texture and the high-quality polyester yarn provides the tough exterior that makes Bolster so durable. The fabric is hard-wearing and available in twenty distinctive colour types.

Bolster 67
Bolster 65
Bolster 87
Bolster 80
Bolster 962
Bolster 66
Bolster 99
Bolster 75
Bolster 18
Bolster 88
Bolster 84
Bolster 04
Bolster 83
Bolster 44

Fabric: Macaron

It was specially developed for intensive use, so the colourful Macaron fabric is a safe choice for your own interior. Through the combination of colours, Macaron acquires a loose look while mitigating the hardness of the colours somewhat at the same time. Thanks to a generous share of wool (74%) this material feels really natural. Apart from that, wool is by its very nature dirt-repelling and fire-retardant.


Fabric: Ruvido

Looking for a fabric that is colourful, but also strong and low-maintenance? Leolux brings all those properties together in one keenly priced covering material. Ruvido is nicely coarse-woven for fine looks and is available in twelve elegant and contemporary colours. The soft synthetic fibres Ruvido is woven in provide for a high level of light fastness. Apart from that, Ruvido is highly wear-resistant and easy to clean. That makes it a perfect fabric for intensive use.


Fabric: Prairie

A wonderful material that is produced sustainably by the specialists at Weverij de Ploeg. Prairie is a soft but very strong upholstery material with the most beautiful colours in a soft colour palette. This series is based on natural earth tones, augmented with soft blue, yellow and red tints. And thanks to the combination of natural materials and synthetic fibres, Prairie is extremely colourfast.


Fabric: Artez Cuzco

Cuzco in the Artez collection from Leolux is a strong mono-colour fabric with a friendly look and an almost flat relief in nine colours. This fabric is made up of high-tech “Hitex” yarns and conforms to Rohleder’s Q2 standard. This means they are very colour-fast and easy to clean. In addition, particular attention is paid in the production of Q2 fabrics to sustainable production based on the stringent standards in force in Germany. The colour scheme of the Cuzco fabrics is identical to that of the Nazca fabrics. 

600 Rubro
620 Oxidar
700 Laranja
902 Crema
349 Agua
314 Turquesa
199 Cinza
190 Pardo
310 Azul

Fabric: Strand

This fabric is woven with a fine mesh, lending your furniture a natural, friendly look. This is because a small amount of linen has been woven into Strand. The fabric is reinforced with extra binding threads for optimum strength. The result is a wear-free fabric that exudes colour and character.


Fabric: Hallingdal 65

A sublime blend of style and strength; that is the best way of describing Hallingdal 65. The wool in the fabric ensures durability and flexibility, while the viscose provides shine and colour depth. The number 65 refers to the year in which the fabric was designed; a fabric with half a century of proven quality. And it is a quality that can come in a range of colours: up to twenty, in fact. Highly recommended.


Fabric: Lucir

Velvet fabrics are back! Leolux has opted for the contemporary Lucir. This high-quality material combines cotton and soft but resilient Australian Merino wool. It creates a supple fabric with a very natural touch. The deep colour tones and luxurious gloss are down to Tencel cellulose fibres, which are the most durable fibres that can currently be used in upholstery materials. Which also make Lucir very environmentally-friendly.

600 Jasper
190 Calcite
590 Amethyst
228 Agate
800 Topaz
380 Jade
310 Lapis

Fabric: Alcantara Shape

Alcantara® has stood out for many years among all upholstery fabrics as a unique and distinctive microfibre material. Hard-wearing, easy to clean and CO2-neutral. For the Leolux collection we have selected Alcantara “Shape”. It combines a velvety look and softness, with considerable flexibility and a contemporary colour pallet.

A646 Sea
A604 Chic
A347 Velvet
A570 Lizard
A100 Sea Sand
A303 Koala
A965 Monkfish
A642 Anthracite
A335 Amaretto
A881 Pompeian Red

Fabric: Paragon

Love a little courage? This fabric with its vintage look is entirely of today. Paragon has a multi-coloured 3D pattern that repeats only after a long time. It is applied to your furniture arbitrarily, so every sofa is totally different. The highlights provide for extra glamour and rich colours, while the natural colours guarantee a pleasant touch.


Fabric: Beans (Stretch)

A stretch fabric offers the upholsterer entirely new options: rounding is easier to deal with, a lot less seams are needed and the fabric will not wrinkle on moving parts, because it pulls itself straight again. The filling in the fabric gives Beans more depth but above all a face all of its own.


Fabric: Twill (Stretch)

A stretch fabric offers the upholsterer entirely new options: rounding is easier to deal with, a lot less seams are needed and the fabric will not wrinkle on moving parts, because it pulls itself straight again. Besides elastic yarns, the fabric contains twill and a large share of wool (72%). It repels dirt and is highly fire-retardant.