Upholstery and materials

Leather and fabric, as well as wood, lacquers and decorative rugs, are important ingredients in the Leolux collection.

They determine the overall picture of your interior, the smell, the warmth and the colour. You will live and grow together for many years.


Your valuable Leolux furniture will remain beautiful for longer when you take appropriate care of it. Want to know all about daily maintenance, spring cleaning and what you should do in the case of minor accidents?

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Choosing the upholstery is an important aspect of personalising your furniture.

The enormous experience of the Leolux leather experts stands as guarantor for the loveliest varieties of leather; pure nature, with a splendid touch and the loveliest (trend) colours. There is a right choice for every form of use. Find out everything there is to know about the properties of the various varieties of Leolux leather.

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Leolux is well-known for its furniture in leather, but Leolux can also offer plenty of choice if you prefer fabric.

There are of course the fabrics from renowned producers, such as De Ploeg, Kvadrat and Alcantara.

They are specially geared to the lacquer and leather colours from Leolux, which means they offer fantastic combination options. 

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The warm radiance of wood lends your interior a really natural intimacy.

The Leolux collection offers a broad assortment of solid wood and veneer varieties that are lacquered or stained to fit with the atmosphere of your house. 

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The Leolux lacquer collection was composed with care by the colour specialists at Leolux. 

Advanced lacquering techniques ensure that your favourite colours can be applied on different materials. So you can make the loveliest combinations – effortlessly.

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Other materials


Leolux’s ceramic table-tops are baked and compressed under high pressure. That makes them strong, scratch-proof and very user-friendly.

Gris du Gent
Basalt Noir
Strata Argentum
Pietra Grey
Iron Moss
Raffaello (Gloss)
Capraia (Gloss)
Verde Aver (Gloss)
Frappucino (Gloss)
Saint Laurent (Gloss)


Marble is a natural material. The colour and structure differ for each product. Your own personal table-top will then always have a slightly different colour and grain to a sample or a showroom model. To make it easier to maintain this natural stone, Leolux impregnates every table-top with a product that creates a protective layer for the open structure. However, a certain amount of caution is advised when using and maintaining marble.

Bianco Carrara
Grey Rigna
Marron Emperador

Fenix NTM

This innovative material is maintenance-friendly and has a number of unique attributes. The surface of Fenix is strong, matt and silky and is easy to keep clean. Moreover, the nanotechnology ensures a strong self-generating capacity.



Leolux uses clear glass or coloured glass for its glass tables. Natural raw materials are used to make glass. For this reason, the colour of your glass table-top may be different to the samples and the showroom models. This is mainly visible when clear glass is used.