~ Leolux lacquer collection ~

The Leolux lacquer collection was composed with care by the colour specialists at Leolux. They made sure that the lacquers fit seamlessly with the colours of the Leolux fabric and leather collections. Advanced lacquering techniques ensure that your favourite colours can be applied on different materials. So you can make the loveliest combinations – effortlessly.

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Lacquer: Satiné & Spruzza

Satiné: The connoisseur of smooth and shining surfaces prefers this lacquer. However, particularly in the darker shades, scratches due to daily wear-and-tear tend to be visible, as is the case with glass tabletops and the bodywork of a car. Available in any conceivable colour.

Spruzza: A soft grain gives the Spruzza just a little more depth that the smooth satin lacquer lacks. Available in any conceivable colour.

90 White
025 Spray
030 Dove
040 Pewter
050 Coal
80 Ivory
070 Taupe
081 Cocoa
20 Santos
110 Ash
120 Powder
130 Lily
155 Sahara
160 Saffron
170 Kurkuma
175 Thyme
210 Carbon
10 Black
281 Baltic
286 Wave
288 Air
290 Eclipse
390 Cranberry
400 Pepper
420 Sunset
425 Minnola
435 Cedar
445 Caramel
455 Zinnia

Lacquer: Cristallo

A hard, reinforced lacquer with high scratch resistance for metallic effects. Cristallo lacquer is composed of colour pigments and aluminium elements that blend together during the lacquer process.

C3000 Vanilla
C3100 Eggshell
C1300 Raven
C1100 Platinum
C1200 Steel
C3500 Pumice
C3600 Champagne

Lacquer: Epoxy

In an environment-friendly manner, the metal parts are given an extremely strong finish by using powdercoating. The powder is applied to the metal section using static electricity and melted at high temperatures. Epoxy coatings come in 3 variations: “Silk” (smooth), “Matt” (slightly structured) and “Diamond” (glistening).

E100 Grey
E1200 Antracite
E900 Ebony
E1100 Titanium
E800 Ice
E1700 Pearl Matt
E1600 Basalt Matt
E1500 Granite Matt
E1900 Biscotti Matt
E2000 Alfalfa Matt
E2100 Charcoal Matt
E2200 Nuit
E2300 Bronze

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