~ Quality foams for Leolux comfort ~

Quality foams
Leolux furniture comes with a very high level of comfort. Leolux achieves that by applying a combination of foams depending on the demands placed upon a certain piece of furniture. Its developers equip an “active” sofa with foams of greater stiffness, while a lounge sofa is provided with much softer variants.

Leolux furniture conforms to the European standards set down by the EUFAC directives for fire-resistance; BS 5852-PART 1. Standard or extra fire-resistant Leolux furniture is developed to meet the most stringent legal requirements in the field of fire safety. The foam materials Leolux uses as standard also satisfy the European regulations. Different standards apply in certain countries, whereby additional fireretardant components in the foam are required by law. Although it results in a different level of comfort, Leolux applies foam provided with the fire-retardant melamine for those countries.

In production, Leolux follows the lead of the laws and standards that apply in the country a piece of furniture is intended for. If you choose the fire-resistant foam meeting the so-called “British Standard” rather than the European standard foam, that is almost always possible*. Your Leolux advisor will be happy to tell you more about this.

NB: the comfort level of the fire-retardant foam differs somewhat from that of the standard foam.

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Leolux works with a network of specialised dealers. Our products are always sold via the Leolux dealer.

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Leolux Design Centers are advice points, where you’ll find the complete current collection. These spacious presentation centers offer you ample opportunities to try out a seat.