Styling & Materials

Leather and fabric, as well as wood, lacquers and decorative rugs, are important ingredients in the Leolux collection. They determine the overall picture of your interior, the smell, the warmth and the colour. You will live and grow together for many years.

That also applies, of course, to our beautiful collection of fabrics and leathers, and certainly for wood, which is a pure emotional product. The decorative rugs and lacquers enable you to finish off your living room to perfection. You choose your own colours, so that all the decorative objects in your living room, furniture and rugs, are in perfect harmony.



Choosing the upholstery is an important aspect of personalising your furniture. Leolux offers eight varieties of leather, so every aficionado of this fine natural product can find what they want in this collection.


Leolux is well-known for its furniture in leather, but Leolux can also offer plenty of choice if you prefer fabric. There are of course the fabrics from renowned producers, such as De Ploeg, Kvadrat and Alcantara.


The warm radiance of wood lends your interior a really natural intimacy. The Leolux collection offers a broad assortment of solid wood and veneer varieties that are lacquered or stained to fit with the atmosphere of your house.


The Leolux lacquer collection was composed with care by the colour specialists at Leolux. They made sure that the lacquers fit seamlessly with the colours of the Leolux fabric and leather collections. Advanced lacquering techniques ensure that your favourite colours can be applied on different materials. So you can make the loveliest combinations – effortlessly.


Leolux furniture comes with a very high level of comfort. Leolux achieves that by applying a combination of foams depending on the demands placed upon a certain piece of furniture. Its developers equip an “active” sofa with foams of greater stiffness, while a lounge sofa is provided with much softer variants.