Maintenance of lacquer

Curing process

A Leolux lacquer achieves its full hardness two months after application. The “evaporation process” is then completed and you can no longer “smell” the table. This is comparable to acquiring a new car whose “newness” can be “smelled” for months. During the hardening period, we recommend you treat your product with care. Avoid placing heavy objects on the table and clean it only with a damp cloth and diluted washing-up liquid.


Clean normally using a damp cloth and grease-removing agents. We particularly recommend the use of a concentrated washing-up liquid. In any case, do not use abrasive cleaners such as Cif. Also, furniture cleaners that contain silicone can create patches which are difficult to polish away. Stains caused by wine, coffee, alcohol etc, should be removed with water and concentrated washing-up liquid. Felt pen ink marks should be removed carefully with white spirit.