Maintenance of fabric

Caring for Leolux fabrics Leolux selects its fabrics with care and with the right care from you, they will remain lovely for years.


  • Any fabric can discolour under the influence of light. Brightly coloured and dark fabrics suffer the most. For that reason, try to avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight.
  • Furniture fabrics with natural fibres, and especially woollen fabrics, also appreciate the right humidity (50-60%).
  • Do not let children play on your furniture with their shoes on. Buckles and heels can cause permanent damage to the fabric.
  • Do not let pets lie on your furniture or scratch the covering.


  • Particles of dirt on coverings are practically invisible but they will damage the fabric. So vacuum clean your furniture once a week. Always use the right attachment.
  • Care for your furniture from day one with Leolux Premium Cleaning Liquid. This removes skin fats that collect on headrests and armrests and attack the fabric over time. See the packaging for the correct cleaning intervals.


  • Consult the stains guide or
  • Remove elements sticking to the fabric as far as possible using a spoon.
  • Then soak a dishcloth in cold water, wring it out, place on the stain and leave to dry. Don’t check whether it’s working. This interrupts the absorption of the liquid into the dishcloth. Do not dab, rub or scrub.
  • Let stubborn stains dry properly. Consult the stains disc or call the James Stains Line for expert advice: +31 (0)77 - 327 8008.

Please note: the guarantee on fabrics becomes null and void after being treated with a stain resistance (for example scotchguard) treatment.


We advise vacuuming the fabric regularly using the special textile attachment, or brushing the fabric with a soft brush.

If the fabric dries out, this can result in premature wearing. To prevent the linen fibres from drying out, wipe the fabric regularly (every 4-5 weeks) with a moist towel, following the direction of the nap. Always use clean water and a clean cotton towel.

As a large proportion of the fabric is made from natural materials (Linen), Fay fabric cannot be washed. The fabric is dry-clean only. Removing stains is difficult. Do not use any liquids for this. Only use the special pH-neutral dry foam. Acidic and liquid cleaning agents can damage the fibres of the fabric. Once the area is completely dry, wipe the entire cover with a moist cloth in the direction of the nap to restore the ‘ironed’ character of the surface.


Maple is made from Chenille threads that give the surface of the fabric a subtle three-dimensional effect. This can result in shading and seat marks during use and when cleaning. These are characteristics of chenille fabrics.

We advise vacuuming the fabric regularly using the special textile attachment, or brushing the fabric with a soft brush.

Water droplets or stain cleaning can result in darker areas. Like the above-mentioned seat marks, these areas can be removed by brushing the fabric with a soft brush. First moisten the fabric evenly (across the entire surface) with a soft cloth or spray the fabric evenly with distilled water. Allow the fabric to dry completely before use.