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Frequently asked questions

The Leolux collection offers distinctive designer furniture to “make sitting a pleasure”. High-quality, comfortable and durable, produced with great passion by experienced craftsmen. All products are built to order. You choose coverings, colours, yarn colours and (comfort) options yourself. The Leolux furniture collection consists of sofas, corner sofas, armchairs, dining rooms, lounge tables en footstools.

Leolux has been producing designer furniture to measure in the Netherlands for 80 years now. The Leolux factory is based in Venlo (Limburg), where about 350 people work on authentic designer furniture every day. Want to see for yourself how the Leolux personnel build all products to order? Then visit the visitor’s centre Via Creandi for a guided tour through the Leolux factory.

Certainly. Leolux does not produce for stock. We make a piece of furniture that suits you precisely. That means the number of options is practically unlimited: in models, comfort options, coverings and colours. That makes a piece of Leolux furniture authentic and personal. The Leolux collection offers countless options for taller and shorter users: higher backs, lower feet, greater seat depth and so on. The possibilities differ per sofa or armchair. You’ll find more information in our Annual or on the relevant product page. Your Leolux advisor can also tell you all about it.

Leolux furniture is sold exclusively via the Leolux dealers. Like the Leolux Design Centers they have the expertise needed to give you good advice. The dealer is also your point of contact for after sales service.

All Leolux furniture is available in the covering of your choice. Leolux offers ten fantastic leather qualities in a multitude of colours. The fabrics collection consists of a large number of carefully selected colours that fit precisely with our leather and lacquer collections. Besides the Leolux collection, our furniture can also be covered with fabrics from well-known brands like De Ploeg and Kvadrat. Metal and wooden components, like feet and arm parts, can be lacquered in all Leolux lacquer colours. 

To help you make your choice, the Leolux advisors of our partners and at the Leolux Design Centers are at your disposal.

That depends: a model like the Tango has formed part of the collection since 1985 and is still hugely successful, other sofas disappear from the collection after only a few years. Repairs and re-upholstery remain possible of course.

The Leolux collection is being continuously renewed (±10 new models per year). With the advent of new models, others have to disappear. Otherwise, the Leolux Design Centers would quickly become too small. 

In most cases, yes. Re-upholstering is no problem as long as the parts needed are still available. Consult your advisor.

Leolux furniture is sold via a network of Leolux dealers. The Leolux Design Center is not a shop, but a presentation and advice centre. Once you decide to buy a piece of Leolux furniture, the advisor at the Design Center will note down your choice and send it through to the Leolux dealer of your choice. That dealer will take care of the delivery, placing, payment and the service after your purchase.

For softly-upholstered products, it is not that simple to determine the exact size. Small deviations are therefore unavoidable. Making furniture remains a craft and the materials used are elastic. In order to avoid a piece of furniture not fitting into a particular possibly tight space, Leolux determines the sizes in a special way. First of all, the largest dimension for that piece of furniture is determined, since soft and round forms can be deceiving. The dimension measured is increased by a few percent and rounded up. Each Leolux product is therefore a little smaller than that mentioned.

You can see and test Leolux furniture at the Leolux dealer near you. You’ll also find an extensive*) collection at the Leolux Design Center. The models (often in several variants) can be seen there in a special Leolux atmosphere.

*) Because of additions to the Leolux collection, not all models are permanently on display. If you are interested in a specific model, we would advise you to contact the Design Center of your choice by phone to avoid disappointment.

You can avoid disappointment by contacting your dealer or the Leolux Design Center in advance by phone.

Leolux has an extensive dealer network in Europe, so there is always a Leolux dealer near you. You’ll find an extensive list on this website.

Yes, Leolux opens its doors to visitors. At the Leolux visitors’ centre Via Creandi you are warmly invited to wander the road of creation of the Leolux products! Guided tours are regularly arranged on request. 

Leolux strives to send your sofa, armchair or table to your dealer within 6 to 8 weeks. He might need some time to organise and agree the delivery with you.

Leolux gives the precise delivery time to its dealers and the Design Centers on a regular basis. They can tell you precisely when your order will be delivered. 

You can find the prices per model on the product pages of this website. Given the fact that each model can be completely customised to your personal needs, it is impossible to give all prices on the website. For extensive advice and the associated prices we would refer you to the Leolux dealer or the Leolux Design Center.

Leolux furniture is sold via a network of Leolux dealers. These are independent entrepreneurs with their own advisors who sell other brands besides Leolux as well. The Leolux Design Center is a presentation and advice centre. It is the property of Leolux and specialised advisors work there who deal only with Leolux products. 
Once you decide to buy, the Design Center will always send your choice through to the Leolux dealer of your choice. That dealer will arrange for the delivery, placing, payment, service and all other relevant matters.

At the Leolux Design Centers you experience the world of Leolux. You’ll find the most important models; you can test the comfort, feel the structure of the fabrics, smell the leather. The Leolux advisors know all about the colours, finishing and, of course, the options that the Leolux models offer. What’s more, the Leolux Design Center provides inspiration with art from the Leolux house artists among others. 

You’ll find the Leolux Design Centers in Utrecht, Son/Eindhoven, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (near Brussels) and Krefeld.

The opening times vary by location. Click on the Leolux Design Center of your choice: Utrecht, Son/Eindhoven, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (near Brussels) and Krefeld.

Click on the Leolux Design Center of your choice for the address and a route description: Utrecht, Son/Eindhoven, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (near Brussels) and Krefeld. The Leolux Design Centers can also be reached with public transport.

All Leolux Design Centers are accessible to the less mobile and prams. Design Centers with stairs are equipped with a spacious lift.

Yes, under certain conditions you can borrow fabric and leather swatches. Ask your Leolux Design Center about the possibilities. 

Yes, you can. Once you decide to buy a piece of Leolux furniture, the advisor at the Design Center will note down your choice and send it through to the Leolux dealer of your choice. That dealer will arrange for the delivery, placing, payment, service and all other relevant matters.

At the moment a model is replaced, it will be offered with an especially attractive price tag. You can of course find the products on offer at the Design Center itself, but also on our special website. All Leolux sofas, armchairs, tables and footstools, so showroom models too, are delivered via the dealer of your choice. 

Leather is a natural product. It thrives in the right environment (air not too dry) and with the right care. Too much care can even be harmful.

  • Reserve a soft cloth to care for your furniture;
  • If you spill anything, wipe it off at once;
  • Do not rub too hard at one place. The leather will become glossy;
  • Make sure your room is not too dry;
  • Never place furniture in direct sunlight;
  • Tips for “daily” and “major maintenance”: see the Leolux Annual or click here.

You can order loose parts (such as felts and foot-caps) via your Leolux dealer. To be able to order the right care products, it is important that you know precisely what leather your furniture is covered in. Have the product number to hand. You’ll find it under the furniture among other places.

Fabric will be damaged by dirt and dust, so vacuum your furniture regularly. Use the special attachment for furniture!

General rules for stains

First remove solid elements as much as possible with a spoon. Immediately soak a teacloth, wring it out and place it on the stain. Do nothing more. Once the teacloth is saturated, always replace it with a new, moist cloth until the stain stops giving anything off. If stains remain after treatment, let them dry properly and then treat them like a stubborn stain. 

Always take time to work out what can be done about the stain. If in doubt, doing nothing is better than doing the wrong thing.

More information

Consult the maintenance page on this site, your guarantee booklet or the Leolux Design Center. 

Leolux lacquers have finished hardening after ± 2 months. They are then very strong and resistant to scratches that can occur in normal use. Some care is called for in the first few months. For the time being, do not place heavy objects on your table. Clean Leolux lacquer products only with water and an all-round cleaner or washing up liquid. Do not use furniture polish containing silicon.

  • Leolux lacquers are scratch-resistant, but not totally scratch-proof. Do not drag hard objects over the leaf (e.g. earthenware flowerpots or a tray);
  • Never use scouring agents;
  • Watch out for objects with foot caps (f.e. hifi equipment). These caps may contain silicon, which will leave stains in the lacquer. Use felt caps if possible;

More information about caring for lacquer (products). 

Solid does not mean that the leaf (or the legs) are made from one piece of wood. In that case, the wood would inevitably and permanently deform. The leaf is built up of strips that are glued together. This minimises any expulsion and twisting of the wood. For the same reason, the legs are also made up of various parts. Solid wood is lacquered or oiled. Lacquered wood needs less maintenance (for tips see lacquer products). Watch out for the following with oiled wood:

  • Remove spilt liquids at once;
  • Treat your table with oil on a regular basis. Apply thinly on a clean dry table and rub in with a dry cloth;
  • Do not use corrosive products or scouring agents;
  • Carefully treat small scratches and stains with a sponge in the direction of the grain. Then apply oil;
  • Do not place hot objects on your table. That causes rings that cannot be removed;

Leolux recommends the care product Ecotone. It is available from your Leolux Design Centers.

More information about caring for wood products.

Yes, you can. Re-lacquering tables is incidentally also possible. Ask your dealer or fill in the online service form. Have your product number to hand. You’ll find it on the guarantee documents that were delivered with the furniture or on the sticker under the furniture.

A better name is “re-upholstering”. Leolux will not only replace the covering of your furniture (but that is also possible on request of course), but will replace all parts subject to wear & tear. In fact, only the wooden body of the furniture remains. The rest – foam and covering – is replaced. Your furniture is as good as new. Leolux then also gives a 2 year guarantee on any re-upholstering, just like on a new piece of Leolux furniture.

Re-upholstering is the right choice for people who are really attached to their furniture. So it’s a lot more than replacing the covering; except for the body the entire piece of furniture is renewed and the guarantee starts again. Re-upholstering is not a particularly cheap solution. The costs amount to about 85% of its present new value.

Ask for an offer without obligation from your Leolux dealer, the Leolux Design Center or via the service form on the website. Have your product number to hand. You’ll find it on the guarantee documents that were delivered with the furniture or on the sticker under the furniture.

Leolux gives 2 years guarantee on its seating. That period is shorter only for solid wood tables and carpets. Read the full guarantee policy here.

Leolux strives to deliver perfect products every day. But something can always go wrong. We’ll be happy to solve the problem for you. You can send in your service enquiry / complaint in several ways:

  1. Via the dealer you concluded the contract with.
  2. Online via the service form.

Have your product number to hand. You’ll find it on the guarantee documents that were delivered with the furniture or on the sticker under the furniture. 

The Annual is a book of inspiration that elegantly presents the world of Leolux. Besides a broad selection from our collection, you can read all about leather, fabrics, lacquer and wood, interviews with the designers and background stories. The book will be sent to you free of charge.

This website is the place to come for a complete overview of the Leolux models or a current dealer overview.

You can order the Leolux Annual via this site. In the Annual you’ll find a broad selection of the sofas, dining rooms, lounge tables and footstools in the collection at the time of printing. The book also contains a great deal of information about leather, fabrics, lacquer and wood, interviews with the designers and background stories about Leolux. With the book, you’ll also receive a list of the Leolux dealers. The book is sent to you free of charge

We process our enquiries as quickly as possible. Delivery can take a few (working) days.

Leolux does its utmost to spare the environment. Among other things, that means that Leolux furniture has a long life and that Leolux produces in a sustainable manner: the entire waste flow is recycled and all our designs are suitable for re-upholstering. Of course, we also look after the health of our employees: wherever possible, for example, we work with glue and lacquer systems on a water basis. You can read more about this in our Annual and on this site under Doing business sustainably

Sales & Advice

Leolux Dealers
Leolux works with a network of specialised dealers. Our products are always sold via the Leolux dealer.

Leolux Design Centers
Leolux Design Centers are advice points, where you’ll find the complete current collection. These spacious presentation centers offer you ample opportunities to try out a seat.