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Scylla Stories, a new chapter in a success story.

A good story always holds your attention.. It is shared without being affected by time. Scylla by Leolux is such a success story. A ‘classic’ by designer Gerard Vollenbrock, introduced in 1996 and still a hit.

Now we are writing a new chapter: Scylla Stories. Meet ten unique combinations, named after famous literary characters. Discover your favourite and tell your own story. Who will be your main character?  

Watch the video and meet the characters


Straightforward, brave and altruistic: the courageous Hero ensures that justice prevails.


You can rely on Sidekick. Perhaps slightly rash in his youthful enthusiasm, but his heart is in the right place.


The brilliant Magician is devious and certainly not afraid to use his mysterious powers on his way to world dominance.


Behind his jokes and satires, there is a sharp, critical mind. This jester may be an individualist, but he is an honest one.


No job is too outlandish for this Magician’s accomplice. If only his compassion was as great as his loyalty to his boss.


This damsel steals everyone’s heart with her beauty and innocence. And when necessary, she displays a healthy dose of courage.

Femme Fatale

Beautiful, seductive and yet so treacherous. Resist her charm, or things will turn out badly for you.


The Hero’s nemesis. Manipulates Magician and Henchman well to feed his insatiable hunger for power.


Old, wise and sensible. He and Magician used to be good friends, but now they are on opposite sides of the law of magic.


This outlaw is done with society. Nevertheless, deep inside he is still the gunslinger and good guy that he once was.

Leolux presents: Metro

Scylla Stories launches a new material: Metro, produced by the renowned German Rohleder. Metro is a so-called épinglé material, with a characteristic weave featuring geometric motifs.

The material is exclusively available for Scylla Stories, in a choice of five colours. It gives the characters an unmistakable glamour.

There can be no doubt: Metro is a real star material.

Danza leather

Five of our Scylla Stories characters are made in Danza leather. The wonderful characteristic of this genuine leather is that it just gets better in use.

Leolux Danza is pure aniline leather that proudly displays the marks of authenticity and nature’s colour variations. The lightly roughened surface and the oiled finish make this leather supremely supple and soft.

In time, Danza develops a lovely patina, proof of a life in the spotlights.