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No flooding at Leolux


Parts of Limburg are facing an unprecedented disaster. The Geul, the Gulp, the Roer and the Maas, among others, have burst their banks in recent days, with many people being evacuated and homes and businesses flooded. In Belgium and Germany the situation is even more serious. For North Limburg, the peak is still underway.

We receive many questions about the flooding. Does Leolux also have to contend with it? Fortunately, the situation is currently good for us.

After the floods of 1993 and 1995, a huge number of measures were taken along the Maas. Leolux has its factory by the Maas, but the embankments seem to be up to the task. So far, the water remains on the right side of the embankment and there seems to be sufficient margin.

We trust that we will remain safe and dry and count on the situation slowly returning to normal after the weekend.

We wish all those affected by the water much strength!


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