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Local leather by Leolux


Leolux introduces local leather. After all, who could deny it’s great to be able to see exactly where the leather for your furniture comes from? Preferably from somewhere close to home, of course. And that is where the Limburg Limousin cattle spend their time grazing. The plan for local leather is completely in line with the principles of the Blue Economy, which Leolux aims to abide with its sustainable production.

As well as ‘natural’ meat, the cattle will soon be supplying hides for Limburg leather (note Limburg is the region where Leolux is located). The hides will be processed with degradable pigments and tanning agents into pure aniline leather, a high-quality natural leather that is entirely degradable and fully traceable. So you know what you will be sitting on!

The new supply chain is being set up with support from the provincial government. The Leolux project is bringing Limburg’s agricultural and manufacturing industries together and will provide an economic boost to the region. The leather will be introduced in the autumn of 2018 on a ‘Limburg Meubel’ (= item of furniture), and will serve as a visual manifestation for the innovative strength of the province of Limburg.


The Province of Limburg is supporting the creation and launch of the project.


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