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Featuring at the Dutch Design Week in October: home interiors in 2030


Venlo (the Netherlands), 4 July 2019 - What will our home interiors look like in 2030? Design furniture manufacturer Leolux and What if Lab, an initiative of the Dutch Design Foundation, would like to see this question answered in the months ahead. This is why an exploratory process was kicked off on 4 July at Leolux in Venlo. During this time, three design studios will develop a vision of our personal living environment in 2030. The results will be shown during the 2019 Dutch Design Week.

The purpose of this process is to develop a vision of home living in 2030. Speculative, futuristic, experimental; the three design studios, selected from more than 30 entries for the What if Lab, can create their visions however they wish. We therefore asked Studio LONK, Rive Roshan and Soft Bodies to come to Venlo so they could first become acquainted with the company Leolux. We started with an extensive guided tour of our production lines at Via Creandi. The participating studios were given a detailed explanation of the way Leolux makes furniture and the vision that lies at the heart of this.

Trend lecture

After lunch in the Wouter Stips Room, trendwatcher Zuzanna Skalska gave an exclusive trend lecture in order to inspire the studios. Finally, the three studios had ‘speed dates’ with three different Leolux departments to get a slightly more detailed explanation of the assignment in terms of strategy, product development and marketing.

Presentation of the Draft Visions

It's now up the studios to turn their impressions into a draft vision. They will of course stay in close contact with Leolux and the Dutch Design Foundation.  A follow-up session will be held on 20 August (also at the Via Creandi Visitors Centre), when the three studios will present their first drafts. We'll keep you posted!


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