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An inspiring IMM


Flint played a leading role at ‘Cologne’ this year. This new Beck Design programme enables you to make exciting combinations; from a generous, angled layout to a small cosy corner. The organic forms and the beautiful seam finish give Flint a friendly look.​

Hilco, Bondi, Mime and Tampa

There was also a lot of interest in Hilco, the luxury swivel chair from Patrick Belli. Certainly the unique realisation of the ‘Prime’ version made a huge impression. There was also a lot of positive attention for the Bondi dining-room table, in combination with the new dining-room chair, Mime, designed by Gina Carollo. The versatility of the Beck Design Tampa coffee table series really stands out and forms a valuable addition to the collection.

New areas

The Leolux collection is also moving into new areas. For instance, we’ve introduced Frans Schrofer’s Caron bar stool (which is a perfect match for the Caruzzo, Cantate and Callas family) as well as the Lys standing table, designed by Beck Design.  

Watch the exhibition video

As usual, we’ve produced a video impression of the stand, focusing on all the latest trends. Watch the video below.


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