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Colour trend: The Innovator


Colour may be the most important aspect in an interior. And, like forms and textures, colours are also subject to trends. Every month, in partnership with renowned trend agency Francq Colors, Leolux therefore explains the latest colour trends. This month we’re focusing on: ‘The Innovator’. 

Minimalism is back big time.  After years of busy, eclectic interiors, a new sober style has arrived. Why's that? Increasing digitisation means that we need fewer and fewer objects in our interior. The record library, paper diaries, clocks, hi-fi system with separate speakers: these things are becoming increasingly obsolete and are disappearing.

The breakthrough from augmented and virtual reality will result in a new minimalism. We crave interiors that exude peace and calm as an escape from the intense virtual worlds. Our homes become a haven where we can block out the hustle and bustle. Luckily, we’ll always need a cosy sofa or armchair!

Sober forms are combined with subtle coloured areas. Shades of purple and aqua give the defined forms a futuristic look. Transparency is important here too, with a preference for furniture on small light legs and for areas made from perforated metal or totally transparent materials, such as glass. Unexpected colour and material combinations transform what initially appears very simple into something rather exciting.


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