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Colour trend: The Clown


A new colour trend that is confronting in a disarming way. In ‘The Clown’ we see the influence of young creatives who are not afraid to bend the classic interior rules.

Instagram has ensured that beautiful, tasteful interior design is so omnipresent that young creatives are rebelling against this. They’re searching for the boundary of good taste and the aesthetic status quo. In this, they are particularly inspired by the ugly and the extreme. What used to be on the edge of kitsch can now be beautiful, as long as you place it in the right context.

Young designers are choosing clashing colour combinations and extreme forms. The objects and colours seem to be made by children and are often clownish. Unexpected contrasts are what make this trend. You throw things together that don’t necessarily have any connection but still ‘clash well’. The classic interior rules don’t apply here. It is an adventurous exploration of colour and form, sometimes on the edge of kitsch. But lots of fun. The most diverse range of materials, colours and forms are combined here to produce a crazy identity!


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