The Leolux news at IMM 2018

Last week, Leolux was at the IMM 2018, the international furniture exhibition in Cologne. We can look back at a very successful edition and of course we cannot wait to tell you all the news!

Look ahead: Leolux at IMM 2018

On 15 January, the international furniture exhibition IMM 2018 opens in Cologne. As you know, this is the moment when Leolux presents new inspiring products and materials from our collection. Want to know what you can expect from Leolux at this edition of IMM? Read more in this blog.

Local leather from Leolux

Leolux introduces local leather. After all, who could deny it’s great to be able to see exactly where the leather for your furniture comes from? Preferably from somewhere close to home, of course. And that is where the Limburg Limousin cattle spend their time grazing. The plan for local leather is completely in line with the principles of the Blue Economy, which Leolux aims to abide with its sustainable production.

How to choose a type of leather?

Every type of leather has its own character. There are several characteristics that you can look out for when choosing the perfect leather for your Leolux furniture. We will explain three for you: the grain pattern, the finish and the leather’s natural imperfections.

From cowhide to furniture leather

In part 2 of our blog series about the leather of Leolux we will take you through the production process, to show you how a hide actually becomes furniture leather.

Leather by Leolux: the origin

Eight out of ten Leolux items of furniture are created with leather. Before our experts inspect and process the leather, it goes through an extremely lengthy process. A fascinating process that we’d like to share with you. The next few weeks, we want to take you on a journey through the world of leather, to answer your questions and increase your understanding of this wonderful natural product. This week, we will cover the origin of our leather.

Leolux and Edward van Vliet: the movie

The partnership between Leolux and Edward van Vliet brings two worlds together in a magical way. Discover how it works in our brand new video!

Preview: Leolux at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

You have already read about the ‘Room of Origins’, which Edward van Vliet and Leolux are designing and constructing in the ‘Masterly’ Dutch Pavilion during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. We will of course also be at the Salone itself, in hall 6, stand A35. We would like to tell you about what there is to see at the two locations.

A logo with a capital L

Leolux introduced a new logo at the start of 2017. Or, more exactly, it introduced an evolved version of the well-known brand logo that has been emblematic of our identity for so many years. As the history of the logo is as rich as the history of Leolux itself, I think it’s worth writing a blog about!