Featuring at the Dutch Design Week in October: home interiors in 2030

Venlo (the Netherlands), 4 July 2019 - What will our home interiors look like in 2030? Design furniture manufacturer Leolux and What if Lab, an initiative of the Dutch Design Foundation, would like to see this question answered in the months ahead. The results will be shown during the 2019 Dutch Design Week.

Colour trend: The Clown

A new colour trend that is confronting in a disarming way. In ‘The Clown’ we see the influence of young creatives who are not afraid to bend the classic interior rules.

Colour trend: The Muse

The new colour trend ‘The Muse’ is all about contrasts. About extremes that do not, by definition, need to oppose. This creates a beautiful palette within which products such as Arabella and Papageno sublimely come into their own.

Avanti! Al Salone del Mobile

Every year, this is an event whose impact extends far beyond the walls of the exhibition buildings: the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. The entire city breathes design and style, even more than usual. In this blog, we take you with us into the charming bustle of this event.

An inspiring IMM

The furniture and stand materials are already on their way back to Venlo and it’s ‘business as usual’ for the Leolux exhibition team; the Cologne international furniture and interiors fair (IMM) has again come to an end. It was a fantastic event, and we’d like to tell you all about the new products that you’ll be able find in the stores around Easter.

Colour trend: The Innovator

Colour may be the most important aspect in an interior. And, like forms and textures, colours are also subject to trends. Every month, in partnership with renowned trend agency Francq Colors, Leolux therefore explains the latest colour trends. This month we’re focusing on: ‘The Innovator’.

Opening of the first Leolux Boutique

We are pleased to announce that on the 16th of September we will be opening our first Leolux Boutique worldwide, in the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London.

Local leather by Leolux

Leolux introduces local leather. After all, who could deny it’s great to be able to see exactly where the leather for your furniture comes from? Preferably from somewhere close to home, of course. And that is where the Limburg Limousin cattle spend their time grazing. The plan for local leather is completely in line with the principles of the Blue Economy, which Leolux aims to abide with its sustainable production.

How to choose a type of leather?

Every type of leather has its own character. There are several characteristics that you can look out for when choosing the perfect leather for your Leolux furniture. We will explain three for you: the grain pattern, the finish and the leather’s natural imperfections.