Bellice in mood world Urban

Anyone who brings the outdoors indoors makes their world twice as big. Green brings life, so it plays an important role in creating a fresh and colourful interior. But there are obviously many more options for making your own ‘urban jungle’.

Enjoying the green

The use of colour in an interior is all about choosing a pallet that appeals to you. Take a combination with fresh green, modest blue and characteristic red accents, for example. That generates a dynamic space, which still creates room for relaxation. The function of the space you are designing is a crucial factor when determining the colour tones of your interior.

Choosing an accent wall, for example with a drawing of plants, gives the interior a very spacious feel. The wall comes to life and is distinct from the rest of the room. It’s then a good idea to decide which wall you wish to use. A recommendation is often to place the accent wall behind the sofa, so that the dynamic drawing on the wall does not distract you from your moment of relaxation.

A colour like red is an eye catcher and is therefore nice as an accent with the slightly more subdued blue and green basis in this interior. This pallet also provides plenty of scope for different types of material. Ceramic, glass, as well as wood and metal can be effortlessly used in this room. It’s a good idea to stay close to the main colours and to choose a tint of blue or perhaps brown, which reflects the natural atmosphere. 

The options on a mood board

Blue, green and grey play the starring role in this interior, but these obviously aren’t the only colours you can use in this mood world. On this mood board, you can see that brown tints are an excellent match, as are different types of wood.

Complete your interior

Bellice is the focus in this mood world, but below you will see the other Leolux products which can complete this stylish interior.


A serene location in which to enjoy reading a book or having a good conversation. Your own universe for dreams and ideas. The armchair that perfectly fulfils this function is of true value for its user. 

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Combinations of right angles and circles sometimes give rise to optical illusions. And this is what makes the Prismo tables so visually interesting. And then there is the balance, which is reflected in the refined synthesis between the slim frame and the ceramic tabletop. 

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Edward van Vliet’s Amulet series: eye-catching thanks to its shape and proportions, practical in daily use. The octagonal footstool offers an extra place to sit, but is also very handy as a side table due to its sturdy, flat seat.

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