This is how you create your own Bellice

As a modular programme, Bellice gives you every freedom to create the sofa of your dreams. There are sofas, seating, middle and connection elements, as well as corner and end units, with or without footstool. Obviously, there’s a chaise longue too; there’s even an extra wide variant which can amply accommodate two people.

Creating your personal Bellice is a wonderful journey of discovery. Step by step, your sofa starts to take shape. We will obviously be happy to show you all the options in the programme. 

The arms

It might seem a mere detail, but when you see the different variants, you suddenly realise how much an arm changes the appearance of your sofa. That’s why Bellice gives you a choice of five types of arm: a narrow arm in high low and adjustable, or a wide arm in high and low.

The adjustable arm can be easily adapted to your wishes, offering extra comfort at moments of relaxation. When choosing the right arm for your Bellice, both design and comfort are important. So lots of reasons to visit the showroom and discover which arm you prefer in terms of comfort and design!

The legs

Just like the armrests, there are five different base options for Bellice. You have plenty of choice, from sleek to decorative, because every leg or base gives your sofa a different look.

The Fino and Sobrio legs of stainless steel, the aluminium Tubo leg and the Anillo base can be optionally lacquered or epoxied. The wooden leg, Palo, can be stained or oiled. 


Some people prefer a firm sofa; others love a soft seat. Nothing is more personal than seating comfort. So when you buy a Bellice, you can choose from three different levels of comfort from both the seats and the back.


For a soft and comfortable sitting experience, the seat or back cushion is filled with 90% duck feathers. This comfort style with loose upholstery gives your Bellice a natural and inviting character.


For a good compromise between soft and firm, Bellice has a high quality flock filling. This is combined with loose upholstery which provides gentle support and a nonchalant look-and-feel.


For a firm seat, choose hr foam with tight upholstery. This is the firmest of the three comfort styles. The foam inside evens out the pressure distribution and provides ultimate comfort. 

Seating height and depth

The seating height and depth of Bellice can be adjusted to your preference. The seating height is determined by a high or low leg. There are two options here: standard and two centimetres higher. It may not sound much, in daily use this makes a world of difference.

The seating depth on a sofa is the distance between the front of the seating cushion to the back. You can choose between the standard depth or two centimetres shorter. Just as with the height, you make this choice for the whole sofa. 

Character through upholstery

From opulent leather to stylish fabric: each type of material makes its own impression. Or create your own interesting combination, by having the outside of the sofa upholstered with a different material from the cushions, for a strong or perhaps subtle contrast.

However varied the types of fabric and leather in the Leolux collection, they all have one thing in common: the high quality. Bellice is upholstered with care and expertise by our professional craftsmen in Venlo.   

Style details

The Bellice also has numerous subtle styling options which will make your sofa even more sumptuous. On both the seat and the back of Bellice, you will see beautifully knotted decorated seams, which you can have in a different coloured stitching, just like the other seams.  

And while you’re styling Bellice as only you can, think about the colour of the base. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the metal leg or base epoxied or lacquered? Or a nice stain or oil layer if you choose the oak Palo leg? 

Product information

More information about this model? Here you will find the leather and fabric options, the dimensions and technical specifications of this Leolux product.

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