Bellice in mood world Royale

Anyone who gives themselves space, gives themselves peace. Warm, light tints help you create an interior in which you can really relax. You can see that for example in the neutral sand-coloured fabric used in this Bellice.

Rustic basis, rich details

Nothing brings as much peace and calm as nature. If you wish to create an expansive, calm interior, it’s therefore a good idea to let nature inspire you. Perhaps use warm wood tints, on the floor and in furniture and accessories. A combination of soft, natural colours and textures creates a lovely balance. But the shine and richness of a dark tinted ceramic also works beautifully in a setting like this.

There’s definitely room for colour too, though. Without colour, an interior lacks character. So add some evocative coloured accessories, for example in a lovely rich ochre colour. Or in a chic copper tint. A subtle metallic glow is lovely in this atmosphere.

Of course you know that regularity brings balance. It ensures that a pattern, like the one in the Izem carpet you can see here, is a really lovely element in a room like this. But take care with the size and the ratios of the carpet. In an interior like this, a graphic element adds a nice coherence. 

The options on a mood board

With this basis, you can obviously make many other variations. On the mood board, you can see that blue, brown and pastel accents also make a successful combination, for example. Or instead of Izem, you could also choose the Girisha carpet.

Complete your interior

Bellice is the focus in this mood world, but below you will see the other Leolux products which can complete this stylish interior.


Caruzzo is a swivel armchair made just for you. He boasts a high back for your privacy and traditional upholstery details to ensure that Caruzzo is a feast for the eyes. 

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Natural shapes and materials create a feeling of tranquillity in your living room because they exude softness and quality. That is what you notice straight away in the Iduna coffee tables. 

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Combinations of right angles and circles sometimes give rise to optical illusions. And this is what makes the Prismo tables so visually interesting. 

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