Bellice in mood world Fresh

In your interior, there must be something to experience. So why wouldn’t you choose a design which reflects your colourful nature? For a unique, dynamic design which creates an interesting and fun space?  

Dreaming of colour

Blue, pink and green are the key colours in this interior. This is colourful, but there has been a conscious decision about the combination of colours. The larger a colour surface, the ‘greater’ the impact of colour. So the pink here is a pastel tint and not fluorescent pink. This colour is slightly softer, which makes the whole room cheerful and playful rather than shocking. The same applies to the colour tone of this Bellice. This is not a hard colour of blue either, but a light tint which feels as light as the pink. Green on the other hand is a calm colour, which is why this is slightly deeper and fuller. If you maintain a balance in this way, you will always be successful.

Geometric elements go very well with these unusual colours. Look for example at the lamp and the carpet, which have a nice profile against the background and thus create depth. Furthermore, the use of green plants combines nicely with the background.

This is also an interior that needs some glitter. Choose elements which sparkle in the room. The picture next to the sofa, for example, is not just an interesting shape. The glossy metal coating looks wonderful in this setting. Slightly more subtle but equally as effective is the glossy white marble table top on the Iduna table. Accessories of coloured glass also have a nice effect in this mood world.

The options on a mood board

Has this mood world inspired you and do you want to give free rein to your creativity? Why not make your own mood board? Don’t hold back. Because there are lots of other colours and materials which could create a unique combination with the wonderful colours of this mood world.

Complete your interior

Bellice is the focus in this mood world, but below you will see the other Leolux products which can complete this stylish interior.


The icon of Leolux. The sitting ball specially designed in 1989 for the House of the Future is even now still as futuristic and humorous. And maybe so successful because of that. Pallone is personality, the perfect eye-catcher for distinctive interiors.

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Natural shapes and materials create a feeling of tranquillity in your living room because they exude softness and quality. That is what you notice straight away in the Iduna coffee tables. The tapered wooden feet support the tabletop, which is made of marble or solid oak.

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Edward van Vliet’s Amulet series: eye-catching thanks to its shape and proportions, practical in daily use. The octagonal footstool offers an extra place to sit, but is also very handy as a side table due to its sturdy, flat seat.

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