Bellice in mood world Classic

Comfort is timeless. That’s why Bellice also fits perfectly into an interior with classic designs and decoration. For instance a model in opulent leather, like the Negev leather you can see here. But there are lots more classic elements which can really update a rich heritage.

The elegance of classic

The nice thing about a classic nod is that you have numerous options. Keep the basis rustic and warm. Choose beautiful materials and not too outspoken colours for the floor and walls. Greyed-out colours, for example, in combination with a characteristic wooden base. Natural stone is also a very nice option. In this setting, it may not be on the floor, but it is prominently reflected in the Iduna coffee table.

Another lovely rich material is velvet. You see it here on the Cantate armchair and the Polaris cushions, but you can use it in many places, such as on a sofa or a footstool. Velvet timeless, and particularly in a soft colour, it’s a lovely addition.  

Structure and decoration are at home in a classic interior. Choose subtle details, for example in a group of vases, a small table, wall decoration or a ceiling ornament. All small, independent elements, which make a nice combination from a distance. And by combining rich decoration with subdued colours, you create a stylish balance.

The options on a mood board

By starting with a lovely neutral basis, you can tap into all your inspiration to create your own unique atmosphere. Just look at all the different textures. The robust feeling of the Negev leather, the delicate sensation of the Lucir fabric and the polished surface of the strong marble. Don’t just create contrasts in colour, but also in structure. That gives your interior unparalleled depth.

Complete your interior

Bellice is the focus in this mood world, but below you will see the other Leolux products which can complete this stylish interior.


Cantate is a compact club chair that surrounds and supports your body. Beautifully finished on the back with the “Artisan” decorative stitch. The smart swivel foot automatically returns to the start position when you leave the chair.

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Natural shapes and materials create a feeling of tranquillity in your living room because they exude softness and quality. That is what you notice straight away in the Iduna coffee tables. The tapered wooden feet support the tabletop, which is made of marble or solid oak.

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Edward van Vliet’s Amulet series: eye-catching thanks to its shape and proportions, practical in daily use. The octagonal footstool offers an extra place to sit, but is also very handy as a side table due to its sturdy, flat seat.

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