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Bellice: perfect versatility

No other sofa gives you so much freedom as Bellice. With its most versatile programme ever, Leolux allows you to design your ideal sofa, down to the smallest detail. From a stylish two-seater to an extensive living landscape which provides peace, relaxation and a pleasant atmosphere.

Comfort, design and quality are the essence of Bellice. And more than any other Leolux model, Bellice gives you the opportunity to choose all these elements in your own style. With the exception of the quality. Because that’s never up for discussion.

With Bellice, Leolux issues an invitation. To dream, to design and to create. To become the architect of your own comfort.

Bellice makes it possible, you make it your own. 

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The Leolux specialists at our dealers and Leolux Design Centres are ready to help you make your design reality. With samples, creative ideas and expertise, they will help you make the right choices with an easy mind.

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Adapted to your lifestyle wishes

Bellice provides endless formats. From a compact two-seater to a luxurious modular sofa. The modular structure includes over fifty different elements which you can combine to suit your interior wishes.

There are middle and connection elements, as well as corner and end units, with or without footstool. Obviously, there’s a chaise longue too; there’s even an extra wide variant which can amply accommodate two people.  

Step by step, you determine your ideal arrangement

And whichever combination you choose: your Bellice always looks amazing. That’s because of the unique upholstering method and intelligent connection system. Thanks to this extensive eye for detail, every Bellice is the work of a top designer: you.

At home in any interior

Bellice will look at home in absolutely any interior. Choosing from all the many options, you can easily create the right style and format for your personal Bellice. Do you want to get some inspiration? Take a look at the four mood worlds which Edward van Vliet created for Bellice and learn how to make a unique setting with a mix of materials and colours. 


In your interior, there must be something to experience. So why wouldn’t you choose a design which reflects your colourful nature? For a unique, dynamic design which creates an interesting and fun space?  

Discover this mood world


Anyone who brings the outdoors indoors makes their world twice as big. Green brings life, so it plays an important role in creating a fresh and colourful interior. But there are obviously many more options for making your own ‘urban jungle’. 

Discover this mood world


Anyone who gives themselves space, gives themselves peace. Warm, light tints help you create an interior in which you can really relax. You can see that for example in the neutral sand-coloured fabric used in this Bellice.  

Discover this mood world


Comfort is timeless. That’s why Bellice also fits perfectly into an interior with classic designs and decoration. For instance a model in opulent leather, like the Negev leather you can see here. But there are lots more classic elements which can really update a rich heritage.

Discover this mood world

The designers have their say

Creating your personal Bellice is a wonderful journey of discovery. Step by step, your sofa starts to take shape.

Who better to tell you about the options for a range of sofas like Bellice than the designers themselves? 

So let’s hear from Norbert and Silja Beck of Beck Design.