Papageno by Jan Armgardt
Tango by Jan Armgardt
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Jan Armgardt

~ Jan Armgardt ~

Jan Armgardt

Armgardt (1947) strives for sustainability and likes to experiment with materials. In his opinion, paper is the material of the future. Jan Armgardt has designed for Leolux since 1974 and many of his creations appear timeless: Tango, Volare and Papageno for example. The most recent product is Julita.


Ecology is perhaps the most important theme of designer Jan Armgardt. He thinks it is vital that furniture can last for a long time. Designers have the duty to design furniture of good quality, in terms of material, but also in terms of design. In fact, Jan Armgardt thinks it is immoral to design a piece of furniture that is supposed to be discarded after a few years, either because it's worn or because it's old-fashioned.

"I carefully define moments in which I experiment. These are moments of creativity in which everything can be done, in which I can think beyond market demands. The products I then make, sometimes do not even work in series, they are unica. For example, I work a lot with paper. In my opinion, it is the material of the future. Such experiments can all fail at once, but in the end, you learn incredibly much and discover new things that you can use in solutions for current problems. "

- Jan Armgardt