Scylla Gerard Vollenbrock
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Gerard Vollenbrock

~ Gerard Vollenbrock ~

Everything has its right proportions

Greece is an important source of inspiration for designer Gerard Vollenbrock (1949). In his studio on the island of Serifos he works his designs through to sketches and working drawings. The same went for the successful Scylla, named after a nymph in the Greek legend in which the daughter of Poseidon ends dramatically as a sea monster. But his Dutch background is more than evident in his designs. So Vollenbrock unites two worlds! 

‘The design for Scylla clearly shows my interest in De Stijl and Bauhaus: straight lines, simple and clear form and construction, elegant but discreet modern materials. To put Scylla together I used the Golden Dimensions because they are ancient and timeless. Greek architects were already using them three thousand years ago: “Pan Metron Ariston”, everything has its right proportions.'